Who are You?

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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"Right answer."

"What do you mean, right answer?"

"Didn't you know? All I ever wanted was your heart."

No one makes it to heaven just by being born intorepparttar right family. Romans 9:4-8

2005 by Joyce C. Lock http://www.angelslight.org/joycepoem.html http://our.homewithgod.com/heavenlyinspirations/ This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

Joyce C. Lock is a published author, poet, and columnist. In addition, she founded and maintains the email ministries "Heavenly Inspirations" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HeavenlyInspirations/ and "Share a Smile" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smilesharing/. Joyce's writings encourage us in our relationship with God and each other.

No More Frustration: The Thorns of Opportunity...Part II

Written by James Smith

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Stunted byrepparttar limits of it's environmentrepparttar 139672 little bush was easily missed as it continued to grow. That is until that one special moment, that special morning whenrepparttar 139673 bush would produce a single bloom.

It was a morning like every other forrepparttar 139674 "perfect" gardener.

While bending over to clip a budrepparttar 139675 morning breeze changed direction and withrepparttar 139676 changing breezerepparttar 139677 "perfect" gardener was suddenly able to notice a fragrance so perfect and sweet.

The fragrance was captivating.

Immediately without a cliprepparttar 139678 "perfect" gardener stood in surprise. Asrepparttar 139679 gardener scannedrepparttar 139680 field of thorny bushes,repparttar 139681 gardener quickly realized, there was not a single bloom to be seen.

Franticlyrepparttar 139682 gardener began to searchrepparttar 139683 field forrepparttar 139684 source ofrepparttar 139685 alluring fragrance.

The "perfect" gardener went from corner to corner, and even zigged and zagged acrossrepparttar 139686 field of thorny bushes and still not a bloom was to be seen.

At wits end, andrepparttar 139687 gardener's frustration peaked a break was needed. The gardener move quickly away fromrepparttar 139688 field.

As luck would have it, once again,repparttar 139689 morning breeze would change direction.

The alluring fragrance would haverepparttar 139690 gardener change direction and eagerly begin to surveyrepparttar 139691 surrounding areas ofrepparttar 139692 field. The anticipation of findingrepparttar 139693 source of such a fragrance was almost to much to bear.

Torepparttar 139694 gardener's left, near a pile of discarded rose bushes, and hidden amongstrepparttar 139695 weeds was a color that seemed out of place, a color that didn't seem to belong.

Moving quickly to see,repparttar 139696 morning breeze would confirmrepparttar 139697 gardener was en route torepparttar 139698 source ofrepparttar 139699 captivating fragrance. Breaking into a full striderepparttar 139700 gardener moved towardrepparttar 139701 clump of weeds.

Oncerepparttar 139702 gardener was uponrepparttar 139703 clump of weeds,repparttar 139704 rose, repparttar 139705 "perfect bloom," was now plain to see. Quickly pushing repparttar 139706 weeds away,repparttar 139707 gardener kneeled to take inrepparttar 139708 magnificence ofrepparttar 139709 perfect bloom.

Asrepparttar 139710 "perfect" gardener heldrepparttar 139711 perfect bloom a question came to mind; "how?" How could such a perfect rose bloom be found on such a bush?

In factrepparttar 139712 rose bush was more like a short crooked twig with many thorns and a few leaves.

Standing slowlyrepparttar 139713 gardener looked in disbelief. It was difficult to know how a bush, which was thrown away, could survive as it did.

The morning had come and gone asrepparttar 139714 gardener now looked at repparttar 139715 field of thorns. The questions were many. Allrepparttar 139716 work, and allrepparttar 139717 time, how could this be?

The gardener would spendrepparttar 139718 next few mornings amongstrepparttar 139719 weeds enjoyingrepparttar 139720 perfection of such a bloom.

Asrepparttar 139721 perfect bloom began to faderepparttar 139722 gardener asked "what is next?" With a smilerepparttar 139723 once "perfect" gardener started tendingrepparttar 139724 weeds.

No longer wouldrepparttar 139725 gardener hurry to cliprepparttar 139726 buds, no longer wouldrepparttar 139727 gardener hurry to examine a bush, and no longer wouldrepparttar 139728 gardener discard a bush.

This seasonrepparttar 139729 gardener's heart would fill with joy asrepparttar 139730 field of thorns became a field of blooms.

No longer wouldrepparttar 139731 gardener wait for such a perfect bloom. The once "perfect" gardener could now seerepparttar 139732 perfection in each ofrepparttar 139733 many blooms.

The perfectionrepparttar 139734 gardener once tried so hard to create now was easy to see.

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