Who Really Runs the U.S. Government Today

Written by Gary Revel

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On September 11, 2001 this powerful group continued to runrepparttar government ofrepparttar 125983 United States of America but National Security wasn't really what they were most concerned with. They were using their assets to protectrepparttar 125984 security of their private power base and notrepparttar 125985 National Security ofrepparttar 125986 United States of America. They did not expect an attack byrepparttar 125987 terrorists. Onrepparttar 125988 day ofrepparttar 125989 attack Americans and friends of freedom all overrepparttar 125990 world realized that a war had truly been waged onrepparttar 125991 United States of America. We all acceptedrepparttar 125992 call to engagerepparttar 125993 enemy whenever and where-ever found. New laws have been passed includingrepparttar 125994 Patriot Act that changesrepparttar 125995 legal landscape making it much harder forrepparttar 125996 illegitimate power brokers to control thingsrepparttar 125997 way they had. The enemy abroad and within is now finding it harder to find cover anywhere inrepparttar 125998 world. Slowly but surelyrepparttar 125999 American Government is becoming a government ofrepparttar 126000 people, forrepparttar 126001 people and byrepparttar 126002 people just like it is supposed to be. I know that a great many of you who read this will completely disagree with most everything that has been said. That's fine and I understand completely how difficult it is to digest. If I had written on September 10, 2001 that; "Tomorrow terrorists will fly commercial airplanes into buildings in New York City andrepparttar 126003 Pentagon." you would have disagreed with that too. What has happened is we have engaged an enemy we can see instead of a shadowy puppet-master working behindrepparttar 126004 scenes allrepparttar 126005 time. This one is truly at work in sleeper cells and hides very well amongst us but is not part ofrepparttar 126006 corrupt power that ran our country for so long. Due to new laws and a new fervor in America to protect our homeland from all enemies both foreign and domesticrepparttar 126007 old power base is finding it hard to keep control. It is because of this that I can write this tonight and you will be reading it. Before 9/11 no such thing could have happened. You may disagree but you must admit that it makes for; an awfully interesting or possibly insane but then again maybe brilliant observation. Do we really know who runsrepparttar 126008 government ofrepparttar 126009 United States of America? If I remember correctly we really didn't even elect our current President. The honest truth is he was put into office byrepparttar 126010 Supreme Court. Nine men and women told almost 300 million people who their President would be.

Gary currently lives in the Los Angeles, California area and recently published his first of three autobiographical works planned. The book, 'To Live or Maybe Not' tells some of his story related to his military service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War Era and his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ronald Reagan: Hero or Villain?

Written by Arthur Zulu

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But it seems that all of us drankrepparttar waters of River Lethe and suddenly forgotrepparttar 125982 past. Hear this earlier statement of George Bush: "The new world could, in time be as menacing asrepparttar 125983 old." Where then isrepparttar 125984 peace that Reagan brought torepparttar 125985 world? Contradiction most foul! I did not however forget everything when I drank that water of oblivion. Because I know that there is no peace inrepparttar 125986 world but pieces of peace. (No pun intended.)

I could dare any living manrepparttar 125987 poison of my pen. But notrepparttar 125988 dead. Because I do not want a poor poet who does not know his lines to indite an inglorious epitaph on my tombstone when I too pass torepparttar 125989 great beyond. (I want to write a book titled "The Praise Singers.") What amazes me however isrepparttar 125990 transience of power andrepparttar 125991 vanity of life. Today a great ruler is orderingrepparttar 125992 sacking of a sovereign nation, andrepparttar 125993 next day he is gone. Like a mist. Or sparrow.

Here I am reminded ofrepparttar 125994 great king, Oxymandias, who ruled a mighty empire. The mention of his name made his subjects and people of surrounding lands shiver. In order to affirm his supremacy on minions, King Oxymandias had his great statute erected on a busy trade route for all passersby and posted these words below: "This is Oxymandias. Lord of lords and king of kings." So, lily-livered men would pass and gaze in awe atrepparttar 125995 gigantic image of Oxymandias from a safe distance. But after many years,repparttar 125996 mighty king answeredrepparttar 125997 call to glory and his great image collapsed fromrepparttar 125998 effect ofrepparttar 125999 elements leaving only a pair of impotent legs. When lesser mortals who had dreaded this image passed alongrepparttar 126000 road, they now ventured close and mocked atrepparttar 126001 pair of legs aboverepparttar 126002 inscription that reads: "This is Oxymandias. Lord of lords and king of kings." But accursed is he that mocksrepparttar 126003 dead. Because death is tolling his unwelcome bell at his door. The American humorist Mark Twain said it all: "In this world nothing is certain than death and taxes." The good thing about death is thatrepparttar 126004 dead pays no tax. (Sorry, some Church priests taxrepparttar 126005 dead.)

Sorepparttar 126006 best thing about dying is thatrepparttar 126007 dead is free from terrorist attacks. If therefore Ronald Reagan waged war against violence (or was violent) because he fearedrepparttar 126008 evil when he was alive, he does not need to worry about terror anymore. As to whether he was a hero or villain, leave History—or Posterity—to judge. The words of American statesman, Patrick Henry, however make me uncomfortable. He said: "I know not of a better way to judgerepparttar 126009 future than byrepparttar 126010 present." So isrepparttar 126011 world peaceful today? Or is it still at war?

I am not a composer of verses. But I venture these lines forrepparttar 126012 former president:

Sleep wellrepparttar 126013 great communicator Sleep well lord of lords and king of kings My dear cowboy, sleep well Our beloved Ronnie Reagan, sleep well

ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, isrepparttar 126014 author ofrepparttar 126015 controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS! (A book that revealsrepparttar 126016 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126017 world on fire!) Goto: http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/21013 mailto: mostcontroversialwriter@yahoo.com

Arthur Zulu is the author of CHASING SHADOWS!

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