Who Needs Cash When There's Electronic Money!

Written by Merle

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3) Yahoo Pay Direct http://PayDirect.yahoo.com

Send and receive money anywhere inrepparttar US with only an email address. You can transfer money to and from your online account with a credit card or from your offline bank. U.S. accounts only with no fees of any kind to userepparttar 109066 service. The minimum amount of money you can send is $5.00 andrepparttar 109067 max is $200.00 -- that is, until you respond to a special verification mailing from them, after which they up your limit to $1,000.00

4) C2IT : http://www.C2It.com

This service is a part of Citibank, and when you register with them you'll receive a $10.00 sign up bonus. This one can be used to send cash to anyone inrepparttar 109068 U.S. with only an e mail address. Funds can be drawn from a credit card or your offline bank as well. Fees range depending onrepparttar 109069 type of transaction. Sending cash from your C2it account will cost you 1.00% ofrepparttar 109070 transaction amount with a minimum. of .50. To transfer funds from your linked bank account to any linked account 1.60% of transaction with a .50 minimum. Requesting a check will run you $3.00. You must be a resident ofrepparttar 109071 United States to use this service.

As you can see, there are many options available to you for moving cash aroundrepparttar 109072 Net quickly and easily. Personally, I use PayPal and have foundrepparttar 109073 majority of people I encounter onrepparttar 109074 Internet have a PayPal account. You'll want to take into account a service's popularity before deciding on which one is just right for you.

Moving money electronically is a beautiful thing! And that you can take torepparttar 109075 bank -- literally!

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How to Protect Your Online Store from the Internet Burglars, Part 1

Written by Lynne Schlumpf

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He politely told her he would check up on it, and he hung up. It was at this point my eye-opening began. He taught me that if a customer is irate and wants quick shipment to places like New York City, Detroit, Chicago, and they putrepparttar whole thing on a credit card (about $3,500 worth), it's STOLEN. I'm not picking any city in particular - these come to mind asrepparttar 109065 ones he mentioned. Two elements ofrepparttar 109066 sale bothered him. 1. The amount was high (over 500.00) 2. The need for urgent shipment was weird.

Thanks for joining me. After you finish this report, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to keep from getting ripped off. I hope this will be a fun but informative adventure for you. I will start by showing you a day inrepparttar 109067 life of two Internet store owners. One is very naive (as we were inrepparttar 109068 beginning), andrepparttar 109069 other is a seasoned player in this dangerous game of taking credit cards overrepparttar 109070 Internet. Don't get me wrong, though. I don't disapprove of taking credit cards onrepparttar 109071 Internet, and I don't think anyone should stop taking them. If your company can take losing up to 40% of its merchandise to thieves, don't readrepparttar 109072 rest of this booklet!

What our company actually did was to stop selling computer equipment onrepparttar 109073 Internet altogether. This was one among many reasons.

When I return in Part 2, Iíll show you a scenario of two Internet store owners, and Iíll discuss how they handle online ordering.

Lynne Schlumpf is the CEO of Route 66 Cyber Cafe, Inc., http://www.r66cci.com, a Web hosting and design company specializing in promoting websites for new owners, building affordable e-commerce sites, and providing reliable web hosting solutions as an affiliate of Virtualis Incorporated.

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