Who Is Jesus? -- Why Was Jesus Born?

Written by Stanley T. Crawford

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Jesus is God with us, or God made man (Matthew 1:23). As a man, God through Jesus Christ was able to truly experiencerepparttar emotions and feeling that men and women feel. In addition, Jesus overcamerepparttar 127012 temptation of this world because of his link/relationship with God. As a result, all men and woman who accept Christ become sons of God and gainrepparttar 127013 abilities throughrepparttar 127014 shed blood of Jesus to make it throughrepparttar 127015 temptations that they will face.

In conclusion, we can answerrepparttar 127016 question, “Why was Jesus Christ born?” Christ was born in order to save men and women from their sins (I John 3:5, Hebrews 2:16 & 17). He has accomplished this throughrepparttar 127017 sacrifice of his life for our sins. Any man or woman has merely to step out on faith and receive God through Jesus Christ.

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TGN - God is a Faithful Guide - Migration

Written by Ron McCluskey

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However, none ofrepparttar butterflies that congregate there have EVER been there before. Yet faithfully, every year, they fly torepparttar 127011 same trees that their parents stayed inrepparttar 127012 winter before.

How dorepparttar 127013 butterflies and birds know where to go? How can they find justrepparttar 127014 right place that will give themrepparttar 127015 best chance of being safe duringrepparttar 127016 cold winter months? To followers of God,repparttar 127017 answers are obvious. God has been leading and directingrepparttar 127018 lives of His creatures every since He created them.

Just likerepparttar 127019 birds and butterflies, we often have 'cold' times in our lives. God has shown every year with millions of examples that He can be trusted to lead you to your own place of safety. Please continue to trust that He will direct you inrepparttar 127020 right way.

Until next time, may God be with you, Ron McCluskey http://www.trackinggod.com

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Ron McCluskey is an emergency room physician and amateur naturalist. Growing up, he studied insects and birds. While he continues to enjoy studying these natural subjects, his interest has grown to include the rest of creation as well.

He has spent over a year doing volunteer work in tropical countries. While there he enjoyed seeing how God's creation gives ample evidence of His intimate knowledge and care for His nature.

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