Who Else Wants Vigorously Growing Carnivorous Plants?

Written by Jacob Farin

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The best time to repot your plants is right before they emerge from dormancy, which would be March through April. You can also repot your plants at other times ofrepparttar year as long as you minimize disturbance to their roots.

As for soil, use a standard mix of 1 part peat moss and 1 part perlite. The peat moss retains moisture and adds acidity, whilerepparttar 113308 perlite provides aeration and drainage.

Because carnivorous plants grow in nutrient-poor soil, avoid using regular potting soil, fertilizer and compost. These items are toxic to carnivorous plants and will burn their roots. Very painful.

As you repot your plants, clip off any dried leaves fromrepparttar 113309 previous year. I generally clip off all leaves that have brown spots on them. Sometimes this means clipping off allrepparttar 113310 leaves onrepparttar 113311 plant, which is oftenrepparttar 113312 case with taller Sarracenia species.

With Yellow Trumpet and Green Pitcher Plants, clip off their non-carnivorous winter leaves after new growth has been established.

So, set aside some time in March and April to repot your carnivorous plants. You will be greatly rewarded with vigorously growing plants this summer.

If you need growing instructions for specific species, such as Venus Flytraps, visit Sarracenia Northwest at http://www.cobraplant.com.

Jacob Farin is co-owner of Sarracenia Northwest (http://www.cobraplant.com) and a recognized carnivorous plant expert at AllExperts.com.

Facts about the marigold flower

Written by Linda Paquette

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“The Marigold that goes to bed wi' th' sun, And with him rises weeping…”

4.As far back asrepparttar 15th century, Marigold was thought to be a remedy for a number of medical problems including headache, jaundice, red eyes, toothache, bee sting, sprains, wounds, and ague (chills and fever). However, it was noted by Stevens in Countrie Farm that, “It must be taken only whenrepparttar 113307 moon is inrepparttar 113308 Sign ofrepparttar 113309 Virgin and not when Jupiter is inrepparttar 113310 ascendant, for thenrepparttar 113311 herb loses its virtue.”

5.Early Anglo-Saxons calledrepparttar 113312 Marigold “Golds” or “Ruddes” and flowers were often boiled to extract their yellow color for food colorings, fabric, and even hair dyes. After extraction, a yellow powder remains. In 1819, Geiger chemically analyzedrepparttar 113313 marigold and named this yellow powder “Calendulus”. Todayrepparttar 113314 marigold flower still is dried,repparttar 113315 petals ground and used as a substitute forrepparttar 113316 herb saffron.

6.Marigold petals mixed with chicken feed add intensity torepparttar 113317 color ofrepparttar 113318 egg yolks.

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