Who Else Wants To Start A Low Cost Home Business And Become Self-employed?

Written by Randy Wilson

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Moving services are also a good choice fromrepparttar list of low cost home businesses. Do you know anyone who wouldn’t love to have someone else dorepparttar 141515 heavy lifting when it comes to moving? Didn’t think so. Plus, they’re willing to pay big bucks for someone else to do it! Also, this is an especially great home business if you live near a college or university. If you like physical activity, a moving services business might just berepparttar 141516 ticket for you.

If having fun is more what you have in mind consider becoming a party planner. You can plan parties ranging from children’s birthday parties to gala events for large local corporations in your area. The terrific thing about this low cost home business is that you get to go to lots of parties! After all, you simply must be at those parties to make sure all those little details you planned for so carefully are attended to correctly!

The list for low cost start up businesses could go on for days. Hopefully, you’ve foundrepparttar 141517 one for you or have gottenrepparttar 141518 idea for one from this brief guide. The main thing you want to remember when choosingrepparttar 141519 business that’s right for you is to consider your likes and dislikes.

After all, it’s going to be your business and you’ll be spending lots of time at it, so make sure it’s something you enjoy. After you make your choice, make a plan forrepparttar 141520 things you need to do to get your business up and running. Follow it, and before you know it,repparttar 141521 checks will be filling up your mailbox!

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Renting a House

Written by Don Romanek

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House Renting Tips

1. Have tenants share some ofrepparttar responsibilities. If you have a small yard, requirerepparttar 141514 tenant take care of lawn and snow removal. Provide tenants with tools they need such as a mower, rake or shovel and assist whenever possible.

2. Collect utilities in advance. Often utilities will be in your name and difficult to recoup from tenants, especially after they are no longer renting your house. Determinerepparttar 141515 average cost of utilities used and include that amount inrepparttar 141516 rent.

3. Makerepparttar 141517 tenant feel at home. When renting a house, you wantrepparttar 141518 tenant to stick around for a long time. Do something special, or provide a service that makes it hard for your tenants to want to leave.

4. Provide parking or make it easy of your tenants to park a car.

5. Provide laundry. Tenants won’t want to drag there laundry in and out of your house rental. This simple feature will go a long way.

6. Pre-wire your house with Cable/DSL service. Your tenants will want this anyway so you are better off having it professionally installed. It will help you rentrepparttar 141519 house and avoid tenants drilling holes in your walls.

Before you Rent a House

Make sure your insurance covers your house as a rental. Some policies may charge extra if you are renting your house but if you don’t letrepparttar 141520 insurance company know, you may not be covered.

Check with your city or town on regulations. Cities often have rules on what rooms in a house may be used for renting orrepparttar 141521 number of non family members that may live together.

Take time to research rents inrepparttar 141522 area. Getrepparttar 141523 most out of your house rental by getting facts on other rentals in your area.

Don Romanek has been investing in Real Estate for 15 years. He runs where landlords can advertise Houses for Rent or find articles, and forms to help manage rental property.

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