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Written by Annastasia Rizzo

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If you are traveling as a tourist then it is probably important to you that you find a hotel that is located close torepparttar attractions. Many of these offer promotions and discounts torepparttar 144341 surrounding attractions as a means to attract and encourage additional business. By researching your hotel options before arriving - perhaps usingrepparttar 144342 Internet, you can save yourself both money and time - both of which you will need for your vacation.

Travelers can find a hotel overrepparttar 144343 web, throughrepparttar 144344 newspaper, in magazines, or by making contact with a travel agent. Depending onrepparttar 144345 age and interests ofrepparttar 144346 traveler,repparttar 144347 hotel they choose can vary. Many people select to stay in a hotel that is located close torepparttar 144348 airport, or torepparttar 144349 city's attractions such as shopping centers. This means thatrepparttar 144350 traveler can sometimes avoid renting a car if they find a hotel in a central location. Cities with public transportation also make this easier. Depending onrepparttar 144351 traveler~s budget, they can find a hotel with wonderful accommodations in great tourist spots. Preparing ahead of time helps to guaranteerepparttar 144352 best rates and available options forrepparttar 144353 ultimate trip.

The author is an avid traveler and has found a few simple rules that will make your travels a breeze.

Annastasia Rizzo is founder of All About Hotels an excellent resource site dedicated to information on hotels

Chichen Itza Discoveries

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I had read Carlos Castaneda a lot and always had wondered about his teacher/brujho's claim that he wasrepparttar last Toltec. I presume he was claiming to berepparttar 144247 last pure Toltec and sincerepparttar 144248 time I was at Chichen Itza I have discovered more sources that indicate they were not indigenous people but most likely Ovates ofrepparttar 144249 Keltic tradition. The teachings of Don Juan as reported by Carlos and then performed by him, include dimensional shifts and time or immortality issues, that I felt were connected with this game inrepparttar 144250 'Pelota'. Barbi had heard my theory a few times I guess and wanted to have 'fun' egging me on to explain why some teams of winners might choose death.

Carlos Castaneda had been a UCLA anthropology student when he began his association withrepparttar 144251 'cult hero' Don Juan and his sorcerer friends like Don Gennaro. The rumor was that Carlos did no longer exist in this physical frame of reference and thatrepparttar 144252 journalists who waited to interview him at his publishers offices had always been frustrated. He would deliver his books from time to time andrepparttar 144253 journalists or paparazzi would chase after him. When he would duck into a stairwell and they would converge on him from above and below he wouldn't be there anymore. I didn't think any journalist who really understood his work would be interested in being a journalist once he was an adept. The Castaneda debunkers have their position that they understand everything he writes but I am sure they don't.

It requires a great deal of right thought and attunement to shift physical dimensions or dematerialize. Barbi and I had been watching a cable access show called Tootlevision after its host Harry Tootle. We had seen Al Bielek describing his work as a physicist dealing withrepparttar 144254 nature of Time and its seven levels of a helical nature. The universe seems to expand, withrepparttar 144255 logical progression from lesser to greater cardinalities playingrepparttar 144256 role of time. I knew that 'viewing' time throughrepparttar 144257 Philosopher's Stone had given many people likerepparttar 144258 priestly Michel Nostradamusrepparttar 144259 insight to his confusing quatrains. The work of David Ovason in Secrets of Nostradamus isrepparttar 144260 best I have found on that matter.

I had met some people who had more than just premonitions and I had had a couple of them myself. It seemed to me that parallel or alternate universes had a part to play inrepparttar 144261 confusion. I think deja vu is a very common time frame feeling that is atrepparttar 144262 earliest stage ofrepparttar 144263 helical structure of time.

The pyramid that you always see pictures of, in reference to Chichen Itza, dominates a plaza or field of immense proportions with large spaces between each ofrepparttar 144264 main buildings. The Observatory or Caracol was being worked on and was unavailable for entry atrepparttar 144265 time of our visit. I foundrepparttar 144266 Parthenon like columns of interest after having seenrepparttar 144267 statues atrepparttar 144268 'Villas', and we walked among them first. It was getting hotter byrepparttar 144269 minute and it was very humid.

"Bob, I'll race you torepparttar 144270 top ofrepparttar 144271 Pyramid!" Barbi called to me as she came running up beside me. It wasn't going to get any cooler and August in Mexico is always hot. I guess I would have asked her to do it herself and tell me what she was able to see fromrepparttar 144272 small altar room atrepparttar 144273 top, if she hadn't challenged me in this way.

"When have you ever beaten me at anything physical, Short Stuff?" It didn't matter to me, whether this wasrepparttar 144274 famous Kukulcan jaguar cults' pride and joy or not, byrepparttar 144275 time I reachedrepparttar 144276 top. It was my primary concern to not breathe too hard so that my younger lady wouldn't think I was too old or something like that. She was excited and rushed to me with news that she had gone underrepparttar 144277 altar and had been able to seerepparttar 144278 original temple structure below.

The Popul Vuh isrepparttar 144279 Bible ofrepparttar 144280 Mayan peoples, or I guess I should say whatrepparttar 144281 Bible purports to be. The historical and legendary traditions and laws of their ancestors; had mentionedrepparttar 144282 current temple was built around an earlier one thatrepparttar 144283 jaguar cult of Kukulcan had built. It says that three brothers from acrossrepparttar 144284 ocean torepparttar 144285 west; designed and led their ancestors to build this structure.

I thinkrepparttar 144286 very existence ofrepparttar 144287 Mayans had been presented as a no longer existing factor at some time inrepparttar 144288 twentieth century: it was because they intended to wipe them out. I know in Mexico that many inrepparttar 144289 government wishes that wererepparttar 144290 case, and I knowrepparttar 144291 Mayans had successfully kept away fromrepparttar 144292 Spanish for many centuries sincerepparttar 144293 Franciscans came to rob and ridicule them. Their mercenary brethren like Cortez had tried their damndest to 'make it so'. At this time I was not sure I had really met a Mayan except at Fritz's once, a few months earlier. I found out more about these things later in an extended visit that included living in Belize for about five months. The Mayans had been much more than their primitive Aztec conquerors. In factrepparttar 144294 Aztecs heldrepparttar 144295 Mayans in very high esteem and basically plagiarizedrepparttar 144296 Mayan calendar and anything else they could. The Mayan still have a racial purity that makes them look like their original ancestors fromrepparttar 144297 Orient or Mu.

As I re-energized, Barbi and I hugged inrepparttar 144298 presence of a vista once shared by a priesthood of austere and unproven origin who I was sure we could learn a lot from. The Mayans have a saying that can be expressed in many different ways that goes like this: "Don't put yourself in front of your Self!" The soul is our true nature for sure; I mused as I saw Barbi's wide-eyed excitement and shared her awe of this beautiful view. I felt vindicated in my zeal or often apparently ludicrous pursuit of something others only gave a modicum of care about; but much more was 'in store' for us that wonderful and 'freaky' day.

"Bob, I actually feel that I am somewhat responsible for bringing some of these things into your life. The truth is you bring them or make them a reality for me, in ways that no one else could. I don't tell you that I love you enough, do I?"

"Yes, Barbi, you do. But, I always love to hear it. We kissed before beginningrepparttar 144299 more difficult journey downrepparttar 144300 side ofrepparttar 144301 pyramid.

It was so steep going down that it was amazing to both of us that they allowed old and infirm tourists to do it alone. Barbi probably made some crack about me having to do it on hands and knees some time inrepparttar 144302 near future. There were some old people and even some who weren't so young who did this at some tricky points onrepparttar 144303 descent to 'terra firma'. I was still naive enough to thinkrepparttar 144304 Mexican government and its fifty extended Spanish families that owned everything, had some kind of ethic. This illusion was rudely and totally corrected in my next visit to this land where might is still right.

We headed directly forrepparttar 144305 'Pelota' after reachingrepparttar 144306 ground. This building was ominous, and we sawrepparttar 144307 royal box looming high aboverepparttar 144308 field whererepparttar 144309 'little people' played out their life and death game or struggle.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

This article appeared in New Age Travel with pictures and a little more content.

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