Who Else Wants To Know Brian Tracy’s Secret Key To Double Your Income?

Written by Rick Miller

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First, make a list of everything you do inrepparttar course of a week or month. Next, ask yourself if you could only do one thing all day long which one thing contributesrepparttar 135072 most to your Internet success. Then repeat this by asking yourself if you could only do two things, and finally if you could only do three things.

Brian has found that on, an average, these three top tasks contribute to 90% of your success. So he advises that you spendrepparttar 135073 majority of your time on these. Spend less time on everything else. Anything that you don’t necessarily have to do personally should be delegated to someone else.

As you sit there learning these techniques, you are getting more and more excited about what you’ll be able to accomplish inrepparttar 135074 next seven days by using Brian’s secrets.

Inrepparttar 135075 List Crusade interview, Brian also revealed:

* What one skill do all successful people have in common and how you can quickly learn it * The two core qualities that will absolutely guarantee your success * How to simplify your life, lower your stress, and increase your income * A ten minute simple system to pinpoint your top priorities, leverage your time, and skyrocket yourself beyond your competition

Take these secrets from Brian Tracy’s interview and use them to get more done today. The more you use them,repparttar 135076 more you'll find that your income and opportunities will expand at full throttle, andrepparttar 135077 more success you’ll have in life ...

Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting and co-founder of List Crusade. For fre^e access to Brian Tracy’s entire interview, along with 51 other audio lessons from top Internet Marketing and Self Help Gurus--go to: ==> http://www.ListCrusade.com/rickm.html

How to Write Truly Motivating Goals

Written by Shawn M. Driscoll

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You may not see it all clearly yet. That’s ok. Write what you know to be true. Allowrepparttar rest to reveal itself in time. It will. You’ve already done a lot ofrepparttar 135048 hard work in life. Set aside time to envision and experiencerepparttar 135049 feeling of being inspired. This isrepparttar 135050 vision that will connect you torepparttar 135051 “right goals” for this time in your life as well as allow your values to take center stage.


Now you can start to think about your goals. Take your vision and break it down paragraph by paragraph. What do you need to accomplish in order to fulfillrepparttar 135052 vision? Write it as specific results or outcomes you want. Use “to be” statements rather than ‘to do” statements. For example:

Instead of: Get a new job…….write: To be a technical writer in a mid-sized company by January 1, 2005 making $45,000 per year.

Instead of: Lose weight…..write: To be confident and comfortable in my new suit by November, 2004.

Userepparttar 135053 SMART test to assess your goals…Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound. The more specific, measurable, and time bound you are,repparttar 135054 more you will be motivated to do what it takes. And, of course, be realistic and set attainable (but stretch!) goals. Some things simply have limits. You can’t lose 30 lbs in a week or change careers in a few days.


So, how will you know when you’ve written goals fromrepparttar 135055 inside-out? Here are a couple of ways to check …be honest….this is just between you and your piece of paper!

1.Are you ENERGIZED by them? When you think about achieving them are you excited? Do you feel like you can’t wait to get started?

2.Do you feel PASSIONATE about them? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

3.Dorepparttar 135056 goals, if achieved, give yourepparttar 135057 ability to share who you are as a person? Do they bring your unique talents and gifts torepparttar 135058 forefront? Do you experience joy when working on them?

The right goals for you should simply “click”. You’ll know they are right because they compel you to act. If not…examine ifrepparttar 135059 goal is a ‘should’ –an ‘outside-in’ goal set based on external standards of who you should be? This kind of goal will not giverepparttar 135060 lasting sense of fulfillment. It will become a drain that requires grit and discipline withoutrepparttar 135061 energizing commitment needed to make it happen. If it doesn’t feel right to you be willing to let it go or to reframe it to something internally motivating. The right goals start to feel effortless (not easy, mind you). Have fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stop Struggling...Start Succeeding! For more information on Coaching and Development programs contact Shawn Driscoll at 248 321-8390 or email Shawn@succeedcoaching.com

Shawn Driscoll, owner of Succeed Coaching & Development (www.succeedcoaching.com), is a Career and Business Coach, trainer and speaker. For over 14 years Shawn has advised, coached and developed Executives, Managers, Supervisors and their teams to achieve greater results. Shawn holds a Masters Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University and teaches Management and Leadership courses at two local colleges.

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