Who Else Knows These Facts About Trampolines

Written by Paul Johnson

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The 2005 edition ofrepparttar Guinness Book of World Records, includes a category forrepparttar 151136 longest slam-dunk of a basketball from a player bouncing on a trampoline.

Judy Wills Cline becamerepparttar 151137 first World Champion onrepparttar 151138 trampoline, in 1964. Cline held a total of ten world titles in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, and tumbling. The first men's World Champion, also crowned in 1964, was Dan Millman, who is a noted personal growth author and speaker.

In 1986, a six-man team fromrepparttar 151139 Delta Epsilon fraternity at Cleveland State University, set a Guinness World Book Record for 53 days of continuous bouncing on a trampoline. They received a phone call of congratulations from frater Ronald Reagan.

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Tennis Humor - The Gift Of Making People Laugh At The Game Of Tennis

Written by glenn sheiner

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3. The emotional player versusrepparttar " classic tennis dinker". Nothing can drive a tennis player more quickly torepparttar 151135 asylum that having to play a talented retriever who gets everything back with no pace. Sit back, have a drink, and start betting pools onrepparttar 151136 number of times you're going to see a racket tossed in frustration.

4. The obsessive tennis nut -- can't be standing in a line anywhere without starting to practice his or her swing - without a racket of course. Observers often inquire if they're watching some new martial art.

5. The interfering tennis parent -- can't play, never studiedrepparttar 151137 game except for having watched an instructional video or two, but feels free to walk onrepparttar 151138 court and correct former Wimbledon champ who is instructing his or her child. Just watchingrepparttar 151139 tennis pro try not to explode at this preposterous chutzpah is priceless.

Of course, there are many more of these funny tennis dynamics which I'll address in a later article. So for now, keep your eyes open atrepparttar 151140 club and you may be very entertained byrepparttar 151141 gift of tennis humor happening right in front of your eyes.

Glenn Sheiner M.D. is the author of the world's top selling tennis cartoon book THE WACKY WORLD OF TENNIS. Treat yourself to a laugh and split step over to http://www.cafepress.com/wackytennis . Check out great tennis gift items or just browse some of the cartoons.

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