Who Does A Conservative Vote For ?

Written by J.R.

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The President refused to signrepparttar Kyoto Treaty which was a largely unfair resolution that would have created huge environmental regulations on U.S. manufacturers, possibly causing job losses. He also refused to sign a weapons proliferation resolution inrepparttar 125993 U.N. that in part would have outlawed private firearms ownership throughoutrepparttar 125994 world, for any country who signed it. He also unsignedrepparttar 125995 International Criminal Court treaty which was signed by President Clinton in December of 2000, which would have allowed for U.S. troops or Presidents, or anyone else for that matter to be tried for war crimes and other crimes asrepparttar 125996 ICC saw fit. The funny thing there is that President Clinton was one ofrepparttar 125997 persons thatrepparttar 125998 ICC was considering charging with war crimes, good thing for him that President Bush unsignedrepparttar 125999 treaty, or Clinton could have been seated next to Milosevich inrepparttar 126000 Hague!

Conservatives must wake up ! The best choice for conservatives,repparttar 126001 best candidate to advancerepparttar 126002 conservative agenda is President George W. Bush.

You need only to look atrepparttar 126003 alternatives to come torepparttar 126004 conclusion that President George W. Bush is stillrepparttar 126005 man forrepparttar 126006 job !

I'm J.R. and that's my take .

J.R. is the host of Talk Show America, a conservative talk show that can be heard Mon-Fri 4-6 PM EST Live on the IBC Radio Network or 24/7 on The TALK SHOW AMERICA Show or go to Political News & Views.com

Stand Your Ground Mr. President We're With You !

Written by J.R.

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The North Vietnamese General in charge ofrepparttar military campaign that droverepparttar 125992 U.S. out of South Vietnam in 1975 credited a group led by now democratic front runner John Kerry, with helpingrepparttar 125993 NVA achieve victory. In a 1985 memoir Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap stated that if it weren't for organizations like Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Againstrepparttar 125994 War, Hanoi would have surrendered torepparttar 125995 U.S. Wow, that's pretty powerful stuff if you ask me, Senator. You and your group may have been responsible forrepparttar 125996 death of untold thousands of U.S. and South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians by your actions.

Lt. Col. Oliver North(Ret.), himself a Vietnam Veteran and recipient of two purple hearts, put it best, " The Vietnam Veterans Againstrepparttar 125997 War encouraged people to desert, encouraged people to mutiny, some used what they wrote to justify "fragging officers." John Kerry hasrepparttar 125998 blood of American soldiers on his hands."

Oh and byrepparttar 125999 way, Terry McAuliffe never served in any military capacity, and for those of you who will try to jump on this, neither did I, but I'm not attacking anyone's military service, I'm defendingrepparttar 126000 President ofrepparttar 126001 United states. A President who served honorably inrepparttar 126002 National Guard, and who is being unfairly labeled as AWOL and a deserter by some.

Furthermore, Senator Kerry and Mr. McAuliffe, how dare you besmirchrepparttar 126003 reputation ofrepparttar 126004 fine men and women who have served inrepparttar 126005 National Guard whether in war time or not, whether they were war heroes or not. Kerry likens guard service to those who wanted to avoidrepparttar 126006 draft and Mc Auliffe stated that serving inrepparttar 126007 Guard was not military service and not service to your country. Where isrepparttar 126008 OUTRAGE from these people that served inrepparttar 126009 Guard. This WILL NOT GO UNANSWERED.

It is time for Americans to get OUTRAGED and speak out against those who are trying to degraderepparttar 126010 President. Write your newspapers, call talk show, and your congressmen, and senators. Tell them that you've heard enough of these ridiculous accusations that are baseless and meaningless torepparttar 126011 qualifications for President.

God Bless President Bush, and God Blessrepparttar 126012 United States of America !

I'm J.R. and that's my take !

J.R. is the host of Talk Show America, a conservative talk show that can be heard Mon-Fri 4-6 PM EST Live on the IBC Radio Network or 24/7 on The TALK SHOW AMERICA Show or go to Political News & Views.com

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