Who Created Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi Boxing)?

Written by C. Guan Soo

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With this, there are some believed that Tai Chi Chuan was created byrepparttar 1st generation ofrepparttar 150668 Chen clan - Chen Bo who was an expert in martial arts, and Chen Bo was influenced by Zhang Sanfeng’s concept. However, there are no clear records to prove this theory.

It was argued that Tai Chi Chuan had been passed down from generation to generation inrepparttar 150669 Chen family. Only untilrepparttar 150670 time of Chen Wangting (approx. 1600-1680 AD),repparttar 150671 art was systemized during his old age.

He researched onrepparttar 150672 Huangting Jin which provided him with guidance on breathing techniques, combining ideas found in The Book of 12 Fist Motions by Qi Jiguang, andrepparttar 150673 ideas of yin and yang. And he injected these ideas into his family's Tai Chi Chuan to systemize it into 5 sets of Tai Chi Chuan forms and 1 set of Cannon Fist.

He had also arranged Tai Chi Sabre, Tai Chi Spear and various sets of weapons yielding forms. Inrepparttar 150674 same time, he created Tai Chi Push Hand and Tai Chi Sticking Spear. This was an incredible work which allowed Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan to further develop into a complete martial art system. It was even more complete than its original Tai Chi exercise.

This can be said to berepparttar 150675 origin of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, which also means that,repparttar 150676 origin of all forms of Tai Chi Chuan!

Through generations, Tai Chi Chuan had been passed on and been modified. This resulted in various styles and sects. For example, throughrepparttar 150677 teaching and guidance from Chen Changxin, Yang Luchan, nicknamed “The Invincible Yang”, createdrepparttar 150678 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Then, when Yang Luchan passed his skills to Wu Quanyou, Wu createdrepparttar 150679 Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Chen Qingping who learned from Chen Youben createdrepparttar 150680 Zhao Style Tai Chi Chuan. Wu Yuxiang who learned from Yang Luchan and Chen Qingping created Wu (different Chinese character fromrepparttar 150681 earlier Wu) Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Following that, Li Yishe created Li Style; from Li, Hao Weizhen created Hao Style; and from Hao, Sun Lutang createdrepparttar 150682 Sun Style. There are possibly more than what I can list!

Sorry if I sound rude, but I need to put those researched information to public so that we can appreciaterepparttar 150683 art better when we understand its historical development andrepparttar 150684 core principles behind Tai Chi Chuan.

I don't mean doubtrepparttar 150685 existence of Zhang Sanfeng. I started learning meditation atrepparttar 150686 age of 10 and inrepparttar 150687 scriptures that I based my meditation on, Zhang Sanfeng's name had been mentioned many, many times. His techniques and ideology influenced my initial meditation practices. I actually respect this great master ofrepparttar 150688 past and had once believe inrepparttar 150689 legend, though historical evidents of his existence were not very clear!

What I want to share here is solid sources of historical records that can be proven to be reliable, until present dates. Researches have still been carried out, though many agreed that Chen Wangting should getrepparttar 150690 credit in putting Tai Chi Chuan into a systematic sets of martial and healing arts, which in another word, Chen Wangting is known to have createdrepparttar 150691 Tai Chi Chuan system we had atrepparttar 150692 present days! Who knows if any further researches may uncover other records or sources that may prove whatever current theories otherwise!

Mayrepparttar 150693 Energy of Tai Chi be with you!

Written by, C. Guan Soo http://www.TaichiForYourHealth.com

C. Guan Soo is a Tai Chi Practitioner who has 23 years of experience in meditation, martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan, healing arts, eastern philosophies and Buddhism. He has a website at: http://www.TaichiForYourHealth.com to discuss how Tai Chi Chuan can help to improve you health, physically and mentally.

Stretch Marks Can Affect All Of Us

Written by David Stanton

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Andrepparttar skin is phenomenally elastic. The scar tissue that accompanies these small rips inrepparttar 150667 skin are known as stretch marks.

How Stretch Marks Can Be Prevented or Repaired

A popular home remedy for stretch marks is cocoa butter. Pregnant women, body builders, or growing teenagers can rub in an ointment of elastin, collagen, and other proteins to help prevent tearing, and subsequent scarring. The proteins promote cell regeneration, which improvesrepparttar 150668 scars' appearance. Then they thickenrepparttar 150669 epidermal layer, creating a smoother top layer of skin. This further improvesrepparttar 150670 look of striae, even striae that are quite old.

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