Who, When and Where in the History of Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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Inrepparttar late 17th and early 18th centuries,repparttar 140088 Dutch became a prominent force inrepparttar 140089 coffee industry with a coffee plant smuggled out ofrepparttar 140090 Arab port of Mocha. The Dutch cultivated coffee commercially in Ceylon and in their East Indian colony of Java, which came to berepparttar 140091 source of coffees' nickname.

However,repparttar 140092 French stole a seedling and transported it to Martinique. Fifty years later, an official survey found 19 million coffee trees on Martinique, and eventually it’s estimated that ninety percent ofrepparttar 140093 world's coffee spread from this one seedling.

The Dutch and French monopoly was broken up in 1727 when Brazil enteredrepparttar 140094 fray. Lieutenant colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta was sent byrepparttar 140095 Brazilian government to arbitrate a border dispute betweenrepparttar 140096 French and Dutch colonies in Guiana. Not only did he settlerepparttar 140097 disagreement, but he also began an affair withrepparttar 140098 wife ofrepparttar 140099 governor of French Guiana.

The dear lady bidrepparttar 140100 lieutenant colonel adieu with a bouquet in which she hid cuttings and fertile seeds of coffee that beganrepparttar 140101 Brazilian portion ofrepparttar 140102 history of coffee. By 1907, Brazil accounted for 97% ofrepparttar 140103 world’s coffee production.

Asrepparttar 140104 Industrial Revolution swept through Europe andrepparttar 140105 United States, coffee was changed forever. Hills Bros. becamerepparttar 140106 first company to vacuum pack coffee, changingrepparttar 140107 coffee industry from a local one to a regional and even national one. Sanka was introduced torepparttar 140108 United States asrepparttar 140109 first decaffeinated coffee. And Nestle learned how to freeze dry coffee and keep it fresher longer.

The most recent changes inrepparttar 140110 history of coffee come overrepparttar 140111 last sixty years. In 1946,repparttar 140112 espresso machine was invented in Italy, giving rise torepparttar 140113 Cappuccino.

And in 1971, Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle’s Pike Place public market. And that ladies and gentlemen is a small and brief history of coffee, which I hope you enjoyed.

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Strawberries Anyone

Written by Shauna Hanus

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Did you know that seven to eight medium sized strawberries makes a serving. In that serving you will have only about 22 calories. This could be one ofrepparttar best kept fruit secrets of all time.

If tradition does not dictate strawberry shortcake for dessert try these variations. Dipped in chocolate Chopped or dipped in your favorite yogurt Dipped in sour cream Dipped in whipped cream, homemade is preferable Dusted with a little confectioners’ sugar

However you eat your strawberries enjoy them inrepparttar 139936 knowledge that they are healthy sweet treats. http://www.gourmayeats.com

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