Who's watching you?

Written by Dale Sexton

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http://www.zonelabs.com/ http://www.electrocities.com/nukenabber.htm http://www.sygate.com/

I've found a program that will shut web pages down that use cookies and tracking programs. It will log and keep track of sites that want to keep track of you. Said better, you can see who's been watching you. The program is called IDcide. I really likerepparttar play on words. Find this program at:


Do you want to know what software is telling on you? This web site will help you learn this.


Findrepparttar 132120 programs you like, some of these sites may give you other ideas to choose from. Install what you like, then go back torepparttar 132121 first list,repparttar 132122 sites that ripped through your computer. Try them again. What happened? What I hope I did was open some minds torepparttar 132123 possibilities that can and are happening onrepparttar 132124 internet.

It is my belief that businesses want to keep their trade secrets... secret.

Dale Sexton owns and operates 'PageCrafters.net' and publishes 'Small Business Tools magazine'. Both are focused on tools and tips to run your small business or start a business. You can reach him at pagecrafters@pagecrafters.net and sign up for 'SBT magazine' at http://pagecrafters.net/newsletter.html

Cyber Warfare

Written by Richard Lowe

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Have you defined a DMZ? - If you manage a network for a company, you should reexamine your firewall strategy to ensure that you have a proper DMZ. What is a DMZ? To simplify it a bit, it's a way to protect your application servers even if your web servers are compromised. You have your core application systems behind a firewall. Onrepparttar outside of that firewall you place your web servers. Then to protect them you put another firewall.

Is your virus protection adequate? - If you haven't installed antivirus software by this time, shame on you. It does not matter whether you run a network of ten thousand computers or a cheap home system, you'd better have this basic application not only installed, but regularly updating.

Is your system patched properly? - All vendors release software with bugs. It isrepparttar 132119 responsibility of all system managers to periodically review operating system and applications patches and releases and update them as needed. Remember, evenrepparttar 132120 Apache web server is ridiculously insecure if not properly patched.

Are you educated on security? - If you haven't already, look around and find some books, classes or information about security. Become educated as fast as you can. Once you understand security, then propose, plan and implement what you have learned.

Do you perform background checks on IT related positions? - All new hires into IT should have thorough background checks before they are hired. You should also checkrepparttar 132121 backgrounds of all of your IT consultants. It's best to know who you are hiring before you hire.

Is your user community educated about security? - Perhaps one ofrepparttar 132122 best tasks you can perform is to educate your users on good security practices. Emphasizerepparttar 132123 reasons why security is important and how it protects your users. I usually stress that security penetrations are a direct threat to their employment. Spend some time explaining and demonstrating how social engineering works - this isrepparttar 132124 number one way break-ins occur.

Do you have a working disaster plan? - To be perfectly prepared, ensure that you have a working, tested, debugged disaster plan ready at all times. That way if for some reason your primary systems are rendered useless you can still have a running company.

Is your security plan confidential? - The less information you have available to evil-doersrepparttar 132125 better. Keep any information about how your systems are secured confidential - treat it on a need-to-know basis.

Remember this important fact. As of September 11threpparttar 132126 United States and all ofrepparttar 132127 free nations are in a war. And when your country is in a state of war you had better be prepared to be attacked. It'srepparttar 132128 only sane thing to do.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at http://www.internet-tips.net - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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