Who's the guide, the Holy Spirit or us?

Written by James Sorrell

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and soaked by His word from scripture! [We are not vulnerable torepparttar enemy ONLY in our H.S. indwelled-spirit; our "soul", which IS vulnerable, contains: heart, mind, intelligence, thoughts, feelings, emotions, will, human-spirit {courage, intensity, etc.}, imagination and conscience.] The best defense is 2Corinthians 10:5-b "Hold EVERY thought captive and make it obedient to Christ", like putting an editor in your head, checking out everything beforerepparttar 109357 thought continues to fantasy, or becomes a word or action that you can't take back. It's one ofrepparttar 109358 main operational verses for a real Christian's spiritual growth, and withrepparttar 109359 practice of a few second's restraint, lets you also obey James 1:19 naturally !

Teacher: The Keeper of the Flame; and Lover

Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India

Written by J.L. Gandhi

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About George Mason University: GMU has emerged as a leading university inrepparttar USA, with enrollment of more than 28,000 students. Itís a public university in Virginia offering 144-degree programs atrepparttar 109356 undergraduate, masters, doctorial and professional levels. For more details please visitrepparttar 109357 website at www.gmu.edu and http://policy.gmu.edu/India/Bangalore/

About Sona Institute: SIAS is a part ofrepparttar 109358 Sona Valliappa Group which owns and runsrepparttar 109359 Sona Group of Institutions, where 5000 students study on campus providing quality education for over 50 years. The Vision of SIAS says Chocko is to combinerepparttar 109360 essence of ancient Indian wisdom together with modern concepts and knowledge; our focus will be to be a catalyst for advanced learning. For more details please visitrepparttar 109361 website at www.sonatech.ac.in For further details please contact:

Prof. J.L.Gandhi Dean Corporate Education Sona Institute of Advanced Studies Sona Towers 7th Floor 71 Miller Road Bangalore 560052 ph: 222 66677 Extn-1027 email: jlgandhi@veetechnologies.com

Prof J.L. Gandhi is a Dean, corporate Education for Sona Institute Of Advance Studies.

He is from IIT-Karagpur and IIM-Calcutta He has been a educationalist with wide experience in working corporate world as well in India and abroad.

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