Who's Got The Power In Your Life?

Written by Dave Cole

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So now...... Who Has The Power?

You.....or your unpleasant memories of past failures.

These memories haverepparttar effect of actually pulling us back into time and then causing us to have a distorted view ofrepparttar 126361 present.

We try to block outrepparttar 126362 more unpleasant ones, but doesn't it just seemrepparttar 126363 more we resist themrepparttar 126364 stronger they become.

By giving our attention to these renegade self-defeating memories aren't we in reality, only amplifying and giving them more strength and a life they wouldn't ordinarily have.

As our minds get clouded over with re-plays of past events these memories rob from us spontaneous creativity, self confidence, and further distort our perception of what is happening now, which only serves to affect our ability to perform to our capabilities.

Is that what you really want?

Sorepparttar 126365 next time you go to do something, watch yourself and find out who hasrepparttar 126366 power inrepparttar 126367 situation.....you..... or your self-defeating memory patterns.

Isn't it about time you took backrepparttar 126368 power and started controlling your life!.

Simply refuse to give further animation to these memory patterns by re-focusing your attention on what is happening inrepparttar 126369 present moment rather than on those past memories.

Dave Cole Editor/Publisher Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours http://choosetoprosper.com


Written by Michael Angier

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I made a conscious attempt to focus on my strengths: my talents, my experience and my knowledge. I didn't allow myself to indulge in negative thoughts. When I found myself musing about something less than "uplifting", I would redirect myself to something else. I gave myself no permission to have "pity parties."

I took to heart Thomas Carlyle's advice when he wrote, "Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies at hand." I kept busy. I did what appeared to me as needing doing. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do or how I was going to do it. The future was uncertain and forrepparttar first time in my life I didn't have a plan. Likerepparttar 126360 AA program, I took one day at a time.

And each day I did what I could to clean up my messes, make things better, keep my focus forward instead of backward and keeprepparttar 126361 faith.

It was my faith in Universal Spirit that helped me get through this winter of discontent. I believe that everyone has a unique purpose and I was determined to discover my own. God doesn't make junk.

One ofrepparttar 126362 biggest awareness' I had during these dark times was that I WAS NOT my feelings. I HAD feelings, but they were not me. I also realized that I had cared too much aboutrepparttar 126363 opinions of others. I still care; I just don't let it run me like it used to.

Some people believe that if you feel good about yourself, you'll do great things. That may be true, but I also believe that if you do great things, you'll feel good about yourself--and then do even greater things.

Taking these steps consistently over a period of years has enabled me to rebuild my finances, establish a career I'm excited about, develop a loving and committed marriage and, most importantly, restore and improve upon my self esteem. I'm grateful forrepparttar 126364 process.

Self-esteem is an upward or downward spiral. What you do affectsrepparttar 126365 way you feel. How you feel affectsrepparttar 126366 things you do. The things you do affect what you and others think of you, which in turn, affects how you feel about yourself.

You're either building yourself up or tearing yourself down. There is no status quo when it comes to your self-image.

Michael Angier. www.SuccessNet.org Win-Win Way, PO Box 2048 South Burlington, Vermont 05407-2048 USA success@SuccessNet.org

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