Who's Creating YOUR Reality?

Written by Rosella Aranda

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repparttar individuals themselves, so a "one-size-fits-all" approach won't work. You Are a Unique Individual with a Unique Personal Tale. It is only by uncoveringrepparttar 145994 details of your own personal history that you will be able to permanently "unplug" and disempower your crippling beliefs. What Are You Going To Do About It? I’m reminded of a story that I first heard years ago on a tape series from one of my favorite mentors, Dr. Deepak Chopra. It goes something like this . . . Elephants born in captivity are restrained by a chain which attaches one of their legs to a metal spike driven intorepparttar 145995 ground. This prevents them from straying away. They become accustomed torepparttar 145996 fact that, as long asrepparttar 145997 chain and spike are present, they are unable to move. As they grow older,repparttar 145998 minds of these baby elephants become programmed. When they seerepparttar 145999 spike and chain, they "believe" and accept that they cannot move. They become so conditioned that when their owners tie them down with nothing more than a flimsy rope attached to a wooden post or a small tree, they make no effort to move away, because they are already convinced that they can’t. In truth, their actual power as adults is so great that they could easily snaprepparttar 146000 rope or uprootrepparttar 146001 tree and just walk away withrepparttar 146002 whole thing! Their programming, however, prevents them from even making an attempt. Does This Remind You of Anyone You Know? We are all very much like these elephants. We allow severely limiting beliefs, which have no basis in reality, to inhibit our actions and even our imaginations. We are controlled by false childhood assumptions we made (or that someone else made for us) about our ability, power or even our inherent worth. Until we musterrepparttar 146003 courage andrepparttar 146004 energy to seek out and challenge these outdated notions, we will continue to be as “imprisoned” as these elephants. "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid ofrepparttar 146005 dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid ofrepparttar 146006 light." - Plato

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Checked Into Nirvana. Where Is Joy?

Written by Abraham Thomas

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Begin withrepparttar small turmoils. Traffic snarls, minor discourtesies. They trigger bad feelings. Just laughter could help by relaxing you. But, most people find that difficult. Instead, you could do something similar - pump your stomach – repeatedly expel air fromrepparttar 145958 pelvic area. That dispersesrepparttar 145959 excess adrenalin intorepparttar 145960 system and carries awayrepparttar 145961 negative emotion. Ten minutes later, you may not even remember what it was that upset you. That works for most minor disturbances.

In more critical situations, emotions arerepparttar 145962 plans of primitive nature for action. Anger incites you to attack. Guilt persuades you to submit. And fear suggests you run away. But, if you have a plan of action, animal nature sits back. Negative emotions recede. There are only three things you can do when something bad happens. Do something about it. Prevent it from happening again. Or, if you can't do anything, accept it as inevitable. So, plan, wait for time to bring you a plan, or decide to live with it. Overrepparttar 145963 years, if you arerepparttar 145964 type who plans, you will have plans to deal with most difficulties in life. So, over decades,repparttar 145965 loud negative emotions subside.

That leaves you with those moods, which drive you crazy. You don't know why, but you feelrepparttar 145966 world is about to end. Actually, those are internal drives, which switch on, mostly without your permission. Some stray event, which you may even have forgotten. Getting rid of moods takes a little more practice. Relaxation exercises help. Better to develop a familiar awareness ofrepparttar 145967 mood. Oh, oh, here I am, inrepparttar 145968 same frame of mind again! An intense outside awareness works to kill it. Easier if you can spotrepparttar 145969 physical symptoms ofrepparttar 145970 mood. A familiar strain here, a tension there. Identify it andrepparttar 145971 mood vanishes. It can be done.

So, suddenly, one day, you find you have reached Nirvana. Bad emotions rarely bother you. Those repetitive thoughts that circled around have stopped. You are able to prevent stray thoughts from coming in. You can focus your mind for long periods on a single problem, or even on just silence. The burdens of life don't bother you. You have decided to do your best right now. Hell withrepparttar 145972 rest. You have reached. The funny thing is, there is no special joy when you get there. Only an empty silence. Could all those who were euphoric about a sudden release from pain, have kept up their joy overrepparttar 145973 years? Tolle got offrepparttar 145974 park bench after three years. Euphoria, yes. But, permanent joy doesn't sound real.

Abraham Thomas is the author of The Intuitive Algorithm, a book, which suggests that intuition is a pattern recognition algorithm. The ebook version is available at www.intuition.co.in. The book may be purchased only in India. The website, provides a free movie and a walk through to explain the ideas.

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