White Noise and 10 other Soothing Sounds for Calming a Colicky Infant

Written by Cherie Stirewalt

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So this is where you, as a parent, step in. Reducerepparttar environmental stimuli and recreaterepparttar 143452 feeling your baby had while inrepparttar 143453 womb. Remember, inrepparttar 143454 womb, your baby was packed in tightly. It was dark. It was warm. Andrepparttar 143455 prominent sound she heard wasrepparttar 143456 “whoosh” of blood flowing throughrepparttar 143457 placenta. This “whoosh” is a little louder thanrepparttar 143458 noise of a vacuum cleaner running. Of course, a vacuum cleaner white noise cd can be purchased to recreate this "whooshing" sound for your baby. They are effective for extreme colic cases. However, there are other items you might have aroundrepparttar 143459 house that can lull your over stimulated colic baby to sleep. Most babies can be soothed by rhythmic, monotonous, low-pitched, humming sound that repeats at 60-70 pulses per minute. Here are 10 such items for you to try: 1.A shower running 2.A fan 3.A running dishwasher 4.A running washing machine 5.A very loud, ticking clock 6.A bathroom fan turned on withrepparttar 143460 light off 7.A metronome set a 60 beats per minute 8.A radio tuned to static 9.A tv tuned to static 10.Smooth jazz or easy listening stations While listening to these rhythmic sounds, it is best to lowerrepparttar 143461 lights, and make your baby comfortable. Remember, we are trying to recreaterepparttar 143462 feeling of being inrepparttar 143463 womb. Finally, it is true what you read. Baby colic does eventually come to an end. As your baby grows, and their brains increase in size, all ofrepparttar 143464 circuits mature and they learnrepparttar 143465 survival tools necessary to cope. It only takes about three to six months. Inrepparttar 143466 meantime, when you feel a crying outburst about to happen, turn offrepparttar 143467 lights…and turn on all your household appliances. Just kidding!

Cherie L. Stirewalt is a colic baby survivor and shares her colic experiences on her website Colic-Baby-Bootcamp.com. The site offers a one-of-a-kind white noise download and white noise CD to help frustrated parents cope with their fussy baby fast!


Written by Sunil Tanna

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This is a fun and easy project for small kids.

What you need:

1. Cardboard box - With one side open (a copy paper box lid, a shirt box, or even a shoe box are all good).

2. Paper - Big enough to coverrepparttar 143451 bottom ofrepparttar 143452 cardboard box. It's better if you can find fairly stiff stuff).

3. Three or four marbles.

4. Three or four paint colors.

5. Sticky Tape.

Before you start:

Be warned, this can get messy, especially with younger kids. You'll want to putrepparttar 143453 kids in smocks, and either put down plenty of newspaper or do it in your garden ifrepparttar 143454 weather is good enough.


1. Putrepparttar 143455 paper in bottom ofrepparttar 143456 box. You can use a small bit of sticky tape onrepparttar 143457 corners if it won't stay down by itself.

2. Dip one ofrepparttar 143458 marbles in paint so it's completely covered, then drop it inrepparttar 143459 box. The kid then tiltsrepparttar 143460 box around so thatrepparttar 143461 marble leaves a trail of paint as it rolls around.

3. Whenrepparttar 143462 paint on one marble runs out, repeat with a new marble and a new color.

4. Whenrepparttar 143463 paper has a nice design, take it out and leaverepparttar 143464 new masterpiece to dry.

This article is Copyright (C) 2005, Answers 2000 Limited.

Aboutrepparttar 143465 Author: This article was written by Sunil Tanna of Answers 2000. For more craft projects, ideas and books, please visit http://www.craftmaniac.com/

This article was written by Sunil Tanna of Answers 2000. For more craft projects, ideas and books, please visit http://www.craftmaniac.com/

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