Whiskey: An Antidote For Cancer?

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

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The concept that a certain type of alcohol may help deter cancer is novel and, for frequent drinkers, even noble. What liquor patron would ignore this theory? But, still, Dr Swan’s ideas remain untested and there does not exist any known positive link between whiskey and cancer. If there would be something that suggest this is true sometime inrepparttar future, then it will be considered revolutionary. However, inrepparttar 138149 absence of adequate information at present, whiskey as a deterrent to cancer is a dubious thought. While we all hope and pray that an alternative treatment to cancer will surface soon, this is probably notrepparttar 138150 time to become this optimistic about whiskey’s alleged benefits.

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Post Nasal Drip

Written by Joe Miller

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Other complications that result from these beginning stages include sore throats, swelling tonsils, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, sinusitis or sinus infections, and dry mouth. Many may be shocked to know that studies show post nasal drip as a cause of bad tastes and even bad breath, but when bacteria settles in it extracts sulfur compounds from amino acids in proteins.

Preventing post nasal drip is surprisingly simple. Most of us recognizerepparttar need to frequently wash our hands in order to avoid germs that can easily be picked up by what we touch, but most of wouldn’t remember to wash out our noses every once in a while in order to flush outrepparttar 138015 bacteria that can easily be taken in withrepparttar 138016 air we breathe. But that’s all that is necessary to avoid most ofrepparttar 138017 problem.

When searching for nasal cleaners or sprays, be sure to look for xylitol as a main ingredient. It is a natural threat to bacteria, keepingrepparttar 138018 bacteria from performing its normal routine of attaching itself and living in membranes ofrepparttar 138019 nose andrepparttar 138020 throat.

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