Which w3wp.exe process belongs to which App Pool in IIS6

Written by Scott Forsyth

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But, what happens if you have multiple application pools running asrepparttar same user? For example, if you keep torepparttar 133382 default NETWORK SERVICE user but create multiple Application Pools, you may want to know which process belongs to which App Pool. Component Services doesn't work for this anymore.

Enough already, tell me how to do it!

Have no worries, Microsoft has given usrepparttar 133383 exact tool forrepparttar 133384 situation. IISApp.vbs lists allrepparttar 133385 applications, their PID and their App Pool name.

The script is already placed in systemrootsystem32 on Windows Server 2003 so simply go to your Command Prompt and type in iisapp.vbs (the .vbs is optional) and you'll have an instant list of allrepparttar 133386 App Pool information you've always wanted to know. You may need to type cscript iisapp.vbs if CScript isn't your default WSH script host.

Let's see an example ofrepparttar 133387 output:

W3WP.exe PID: 1468 AppPoolId: AppPoolForSite1.com W3WP.exe PID: 3056 AppPoolId: AppPoolForSite2.com W3WP.exe PID: 1316 AppPoolId: AppPoolForSite3.com

Direct fromrepparttar 133388 horse's mouth, Microsoft documents this:



We've seen here that using iisapp.vbs, you can painlessly match uprepparttar 133389 PID torepparttar 133390 friendly name ofrepparttar 133391 Application Pool.

Scott Forsyth is Director of IT with ORCS Web, Inc. - a company that provides managed hosting services for clients who develop and deploy their applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Scott Forsyth is Director of IT with ORCS Web, Inc. - a company that provides managed hosting services for clients who develop and deploy their applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Building a Document Management Plan Part II

Written by Ray Griffiths

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* Followrepparttar flow of each document and determine how each document affectsrepparttar 133381 process andrepparttar 133382 disposition of each document.

* After an invoice has been paid which documents are filed withrepparttar 133383 invoice and which documents are in other locations.

o Are checks matched with invoices and attached torepparttar 133384 invoice?

* What arerepparttar 133385 retrieval requirements afterrepparttar 133386 documents have been filed?

o These arerepparttar 133387 typical index keys used in accounts payable. + Purchase order number + Vendor number + Invoice number + Check number

Usually in accounts payable invoices and packing slips are scanned and indexed. The purchase order, receiver and check can be captured fromrepparttar 133388 print spooler through a COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) process. These documents can be auto indexed byrepparttar 133389 COLD process.

Is there a need to match and verify check amount and vendor againstrepparttar 133390 invoice?

Database integration can be used to automaterepparttar 133391 check matching process.

The next step is to answer some questions about how to size your entry-level system.

1. How many documents per day will be scanned? 2. How many users will be retrieving documents? 3. How many years of documents will be on line?

It is always a good idea to check with your computer department and find out what server platforms they prefer.

The last step is to determine where you want to go with document imaging by answeringrepparttar 133392 following questions.

1. Do you want to do work flow in accounts payable? 2. Do you want to automatic data extraction from invoices? 3. Are there other departments that will use document imaging?

After you gather all of this information you will be ready to set-up meetings with vendors. Choosingrepparttar 133393 vendors to talk to will be a challenging task. The requirements ofrepparttar 133394 computer department may limit your selection. Windows 2003 or Linux isrepparttar 133395 most common platforms used for document imaging. You can start your search for vendors by doing a search onrepparttar 133396 Internet. Look atrepparttar 133397 vendors web pages; this will give you some information about their products. Select several to contact and set-up an initial telephone call or visit to startrepparttar 133398 process. Onrepparttar 133399 initial visit you need to determine:

1. What server platforms are supported 2. Are their systems open 1. Not hardware dependent 2. Images stored in standard formats 3. Provision for exporting images with associated data 3. Do they haverepparttar 133400 features that match your requirements 4. Is their system scaleable 5. How is their system serviced 1. Can they work onrepparttar 133401 system remotely* 2. Do they have source code 3. What arerepparttar 133402 annual service fees 6. Three references 7. Will their system fit into your budget

Callrepparttar 133403 references before moving forward.

Select no more than three vendors forrepparttar 133404 final phase ofrepparttar 133405 process. Have vendors demonstrate their system. Give them samples of your documents to use forrepparttar 133406 demonstration.

Afterrepparttar 133407 demonstrations are complete decide which ofrepparttar 133408 vendors you what to give you a proposal.

If you would like some help with this process send an email to consulting@documentimgingnews.com

The next article in this series will cover accounts payable workflow and data extraction.

* If a company can work on your system from their office you will get faster service

Over 30 years of providing document imaging solutions for companies of all sizes. Visit our web site www.documentimagingnews.com or send an email to ray@documentimagingnews.com

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