Which fonts can I use on my website? What if I want to use others?

Written by Dianne Reuby

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Mac users should have Arial on their machines.

The problem is that in many parts ofrepparttar world, people don't have a PC or Mac at home. They use college or university workstations, and these are usually usingrepparttar 131824 Unix operating system instead of Windows. If they do have a home PC, they userepparttar 131825 free Linux operating system and software. Both show Verdana and Arial very badly.

So if you want as many visitors as possible to view your pages as you intended them to, you should choose a range of fonts, like this:

In this example, Arial and Helvetica are two common sans- serif fonts - browsers will look for your first choice (Arial), thenrepparttar 131826 second (Helvetica). If they can't find those two, they'll look for any font that'srepparttar 131827 right type (sans-serif).

Happy site building!

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How To Make Your Website User Friendly

Written by Ken Hill

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8. Make your site easy to navigate. Your visitors should be able to know, as well as you do, how to get to everything on your site.

Include a site map, a link back home on each of your pages, make your visited links and not visited links color different, and if your site is large enough also include a search function.

9. If you constantly update your site with new content, make it easy for your visitors to findrepparttar latest changes to your site by providing them with a "What's New Section."

10. You can also make it easier for your visitors to find what's new on your site by asking them to subscribe to be notified by email when you've added new content to your site.

11. Give quality support to your visitors by adding a "Frequently Asked Questions" page to your site, providing your email and contact information on every page of your site so that your visitors can easily get in touch with you, and by answering all your visitors' inquiries in a timely and courteous manner.

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