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Written by Clare Lawrence

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If you do use keywords in your domain name – remember to be careful of trademark issues.

A good source of recent discussions on this topic is Webmasterworld:- www.webmasterworld.com/forum3/16719.htm

You might also want to keep an eye on Google Answers http://answers.google.com , this is a paid service where researchers answers questions on a range of topics including search engines.

If your preferred TLD domain name has been taken by a rival then it is clearly still worth using a different TLD particularly your own regional one.

Duplicate domains

Be careful of having duplicate content on different domain names, as this is seen as “spamming” by Google and can lead you to being penalised or even banned on Google.

Google’s quality guidelines specifically state – Don’t create multiple pages, sub-domains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.

You can however register multiple domain names and use a 301 redirect. Such redirects are recognised as being completely valid.

Protecting your Brand

If you are building a brand it is often good practice to purchase allrepparttar TLD’s for your name, once a domain name is registered it can’t be transferred without your permission. If you add web-forwarding to each one ofrepparttar 107761 domain names other than your main site then what ever your customers enters as a TLD they will still find you.

This will also help to protect you against unscrupulous rivals who may register a domain name withrepparttar 107762 intention of capturing traffic from your site.

Looking for more advice?

We have built up an article bank on our site – many fromrepparttar 107763 leading specialists in each field, please feel free to browse them www.discountdomainsuk.com/glossary.php. The articles cover domain names, web hosting, SEO (Search engine optimisation), e-marketing and much more.


There is no evidence that any preference is given to TLD by search engines, though your choice of TLD name may be influenced by your plans for it.


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Transcendental function programming

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

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But is thatrepparttar BEST? That depends upon your processor.

Every time you add something to a logarithm it is like multiplyingrepparttar 107760 antilogarithm. Some processors will multiply quickly, others not. Sorepparttar 107761 trick of SHIFTING a number is a good substitute for multiplication. Copyrepparttar 107762 number. Shift it right. Addrepparttar 107763 number you first thought of. You have multiplied by ONE-AND-A-HALF without multiplying.

So you can create table of logarithms of one-and-a-half, one-and-a-quarter, one-and-an-eighth and so on. From these you can build an antilogarithm algorithm that differs from McLaurin-Taylor.

And what happens whenrepparttar 107764 number of shifts exceeds halfrepparttar 107765 number of bits inrepparttar 107766 mathematics? Eureka! an unexpected move! Check Mate.

The program has terminated in only a quarter ofrepparttar 107767 expected time!

Books have been written about chess. Rather fewer have been written about transcendental machine-code mathematics. These things are commercial. They are closely-guarded trade secrets.

I had spent some years developingrepparttar 107768 most exquisite tricks, and was prepared to writerepparttar 107769 definitive manual onrepparttar 107770 subject. However,repparttar 107771 British government stole everything from me - leaving me only withrepparttar 107772 memory of many an elegant "game".

What should I do? Should I continue to hide my knowledge? No. I hastily put down in writing as many salient points as I could remember. Perforce, these are just summaries ofrepparttar 107773 techniques involved. There was no time to dwell upon detail. However, those who need to knowrepparttar 107774 reasoning behindrepparttar 107775 inner core of floating point, and have time to delve and ponder, may well find this page to be a treasure-trove of programming ideas.

The algorithms can be seen at http://www.wehner.org/fpoint/

Charles Douglas Wehner

Born in 1944, Charles Wehner was involved in the design of computers in 1962 before becoming a design engineer and technical author in photoelectrics, nucleonics and radar.

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