Which Potty Chair You Need For Potty Training?

Written by Janice Caller

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The second type of potty-chair isnít really a chair at all. I like to think of it as a potty cushion. It fits snug over a full size toilet. The seat cushion is like for a little behind. It is a great transition either before or after potty training. Thereís no need for cleanuprepparttar hole is also smaller so you donít have to worry about your little one falling in.

In a nutshell, here arerepparttar 144023 pros and cons of each types of portable potty. The Stand Alone Potty

ē Pros: Easy for toddler to use ē Cons: You have to dump

The Musical Potty ē Pros: Toddlers likerepparttar 144024 sounds ē Cons: You have to dump

The Potty Cushion ē Pros: You donít have to dump ē Cons: Sits Up High on Toilet

Ifrepparttar 144025 potty cushion is your choice, then youíll want to buy a step stool to go along with it. The stool helps toddlers climb on and offrepparttar 144026 toilet. Okay, so you have some idea ofrepparttar 144027 kinds of potty chairs that are out there, just choose whichrepparttar 144028 best is for your children.

Janice Caller, author of "A Parent's Guide to Toddling, From Diapers to the Pot." She successfully potty trained her four children. Visit her Website PottyTrainingGuide.com at http://www.pottytrainingguide.com

Throwing an Anniversary Party to be Remembered

Written by John Lenaghan

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There are many other ways in which you can incorporate these colors intorepparttar party. Just be sure not to overdo it since this may actually have a night club-ish tacky sort of look to it. Add plenty of white to balance it out.

Favors to Remember

Many couples will want to send their guests away with a little something to rememberrepparttar 144017 night by and as a thank you for attending. One ofrepparttar 144018 best favors ideas is a small picture frame ofrepparttar 144019 couple. You can use pictures from their wedding day or a more recent photo. If you can find picture frames that hold two photos a nice idea is to add both a picture of their wedding day and a recent one. Friends and family ofrepparttar 144020 couple will love taking this beautiful keepsake home.

Another great idea is a CD of songs formrepparttar 144021 era thatrepparttar 144022 couple met and was married. This will bring back great memories for many of their family and friends and is probably one ofrepparttar 144023 most useful favor possibilities. Be sure to check with local copyright laws to determine what type of fees apply to creating and giving away a music compilation. Make sure that allrepparttar 144024 music onrepparttar 144025 CD gets played throughoutrepparttar 144026 night to really give guests something to remember.

A Night of Nostalgia

A great idea for any anniversary party, big or small, is a slide show. Startrepparttar 144027 show of with pictures ofrepparttar 144028 couple when they first met and progress throughrepparttar 144029 years of children and grandchildren. Donít be surprised to see a few eyes get misty duringrepparttar 144030 show. Add some memorable quotes throughoutrepparttar 144031 show, and play some touching music that reminds them of certain times in their lives.

If you wantrepparttar 144032 slide show to be a surprise, you can ask family and friends for their favorite pictures to add torepparttar 144033 show. Youíll probably end up with more pictures than youíll know what to do with so donít worry if you canít get any ofrepparttar 144034 coupleís picture albums.

As you can see, planning an anniversary party can take a lot of time, so start planning as soon as possible. Since you could be inviting well over 100 people, starting a year in advance isnít too soon. Donít try and take this task on by yourself, youíll probably have plenty of offers from friends and family to give you a hand; definitely take them up on their offer. This will be a night for everyone to cherish and remember, andrepparttar 144035 happy anniversary couple will be on cloud nine after seeing how much they mean to everyone in their lives.

John Lenaghan writes about party planning and other tips for the Party Ideas 4u website, where he provides valuable tips and advice about anniversary party ideas, birthday party ideas and other party planning topics.

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