Which Coach Fits You?

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me Your Life is waiting, suggests that people will achieve goals when they focus clearly on what they want. Her techniques can help people change their thinking and feeling styles. Choose Coach Y. Martha Beck's book, Finding your own true north, argues that finding your essential self will bring fulfillment. Choose Coach Z. Finally, a business book like Michael Gerber's E-Myth series or Jay Levinson's Guerilla Marketing will assume you are perfectly capable of applying sound sales techniques once you learn what they are. Yes -- that's Coach Q. The key is to be very clear on what you want and to decode whatrepparttar coach offers before you commit to long-term relationships. Karen got Coach X when she needed Coach Q Read whatrepparttar 102039 coach has written. Ask if you can buy an hour or two of consultation. Ask directly, "What types of people do you believe you can help -- and why?" You don't have to be friends with your coach. You don't have to eat lunch together or trade birthday gifts. Butrepparttar 102040 coach's model of human nature has to fit who you are.

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Should You Use Rhetorical Questions?

Written by Ron Sathoff

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There are two reasons why I recommend doing this. First, it sounds much more conversational -- rhetorical questions don't come up a lot in normal conversation. Second, by asking your audience actual questions and gatheringrepparttar answers, you are creating a sense of participation in your speech. Your audiences will pay better attention and remember your speech more if they take an active part in it.

So,repparttar 102038 next time you feel like saying something like "We've all had a bad meal, haven't we?" and going on without pausing, try saying "How many of you have had a truly BAD meal inrepparttar 102039 past week? Raise your hand if you have! [see how many hands go up] Wow, that's a LOT of bad food, and that's what I'm here to talk about . . ." You'll find that, by actually communicating with your audience in this way, your message will be better received.

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