Which Affiliate Program Makes You the Most Money?

Written by Denise Maling

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Okay, so enough about us and our trials and tribulations. Let’s talk about what makes a good program. It is simple;repparttar bottom line isrepparttar 102577 closing ratio. Look, if someone is offering you $200.00 per referral, you have to consider a couple of things:

1. Will they pay me on each and every completed application? 2. How many applications do I have to send their way in order to receive my commission (what isrepparttar 102578 closing ratio)?

Then there are those programs offering just $50.00. Consider this: If they are only paying $50.00, how are they competing? The answer: they pay!

Ifrepparttar 102579 program is paying high commissions,repparttar 102580 customer is going to lose inrepparttar 102581 end and if you referred him, guess what? You are notrepparttar 102582 good guy butrepparttar 102583 bad guy who helped gouge him.

Let’s face it. We walk a fine line. How do you win? You focus onrepparttar 102584 program that makes it a win/win/win for you,repparttar 102585 customer andrepparttar 102586 company.

The first thing to do when signing up for an affiliate program is to find out what isrepparttar 102587 closing ratio. Naturally this will depend onrepparttar 102588 type of leads you send torepparttar 102589 company, but it should have a general idea. Once you have that information, calculate what each lead is worth, then make your decision.

Also, if you are willing to send a substantial amount of business their way, find out what other benefits you may receive as an affiliate. A good idea is to submit a news release or article for publication in their ezine and trade links periodically. Publicity for both companies leads to more revenue. Keep in mind, it should be a partnership if you are going to heavily promote their business.

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Get High Commissions from your Affiliate Programs!

Written by David McKenzie

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Because they are giving so much away to their affiliates with high commissions it shows they are supremely confident inrepparttar worth of their product or service and its ability to sell itself. Their product or service is that good.

The affiliates are doing allrepparttar 102576 pre-selling, allrepparttar 102577 hard work, gettingrepparttar 102578 eyeballs at their web sites. You want to get paid for it. Do not accept 10% commission rates. Set yourself a standard of nothing less than 20% and make sure thatrepparttar 102579 20% is more than just a couple of dollars.

It is withrepparttar 102580 big-percentage payers where you can make some decent commissions. The 40%-plus hitters. These BIG affiliate program commissions arerepparttar 102581 ones that will see your bank balance explode each and every month.

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