Whey Protein Importance

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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Therefore, any substance that preventsrepparttar oxidation of LDL is thought to be anti-atherogenic. Though animal-based proteins have traditionally been implicated as being pro-atherogenic, whey proteins appear to be an exception torepparttar 148542 rule. whey protein is made up of several minor and major fractions, such as beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, albumin, lactoferrin and immunoglobulin. It was discovered thatrepparttar 148543 minor constituent responsible forrepparttar 148544 ability of whey protein concentrate to preventrepparttar 148545 oxidation of LDL appears to berepparttar 148546 lactoferrin fraction ofrepparttar 148547 protein. 3. Lactoferrin In Whey Whenrepparttar 148548 lactoferrin was removed fromrepparttar 148549 protein,repparttar 148550 ability ofrepparttar 148551 whey-protein concentrate to prevent LDL oxidation was greatly reduced, leadingrepparttar 148552 researchers to speculate, "Our results suggest that LF (lactoferrin) isrepparttar 148553 main factor responsible forrepparttar 148554 inhibitory effect of whey protein (on LDL) and it may function synergistically together with other factors inrepparttar 148555 whey protein, for example, alpha-lactalbumin." Another study using rats examinedrepparttar 148556 effects of whey protein concentrate and casein on cholesterol andrepparttar 148557 risk factors of heart disease. Though casein (another milk-based protein commonly used in research) is known to raise cholesterol in humans and animals, whey protein hasrepparttar 148558 opposite effect, leadingrepparttar 148559 researchers to note, "Atrepparttar 148560 high dietary protein level [300 gram per kilogram of feed] , whey protein significantly lowered plasma and liver cholesterol and also plasma triacylglycerols." 4. The cholesterol-lowering effects of whey protein concentrate in this study also was associated with a reduction in LDL cholesterol. Most interesting wasrepparttar 148561 fact that this effect on cholesterol was not seen whenrepparttar 148562 animals were fed amino acid mixtures that simulated whey protein, so it is clear that there are properties withinrepparttar 148563 whey that have these effects beyond that of its amino acid profile. Whey and Bone Growth Finally, whey protein appears to play a direct role in bone growth. Researchers found that rats fed whey protein concentrate showed increased bone strength and bone protein such as collagen. This discovery led researches to test whether or not whey protein directly stimulated osteoblast (bone cell) growth in vitro. Whey protein was found to stimulate, dose dependently, total protein synthesis, DNA content, and increased hydroxyproline contents of bone cells. 5. It should be noted that not all whey protein concentrates are created equal. Processing whey protein to removerepparttar 148564 lactose and fats without losing its biological activity takes special care byrepparttar 148565 manufacturer. The protein must be processed under low temperature and low acid conditions so as not to "denature"repparttar 148566 protein. Maintainingrepparttar 148567 natural state ofrepparttar 148568 protein is essential to its biological activity. These research findings, combined withrepparttar 148569 previous decade of study on whey protein, should convince anyone that whey protein concentrate is trulyrepparttar 148570 life-extension protein. Higher Glutathione Levels and Whey A decade-and-a-half of findings onrepparttar 148571 benefits of whey protein are far-reaching. Previous Studies Include The Following: Whey protein concentrate dramatically raises glutathione levels. Glutathione is an essential water-soluble antioxidant inrepparttar 148572 body that protects cells and serves as a primary detoxifier of harmful compounds such as peroxides, heavy metals, carcinogens and other toxins. Glutathione also is intimately tied to immunity, and reduced glutathione levels have been associated with disease such as AIDS, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, to name only a few. In fact, glutathione levels appear to be one way of modulating immunity. 6. Whey protein concentrate was found to consistently raise this extremely important immune stimulating antioxidant beyond that of any protein studied (including soy) to higher than normal levels in multiple animal studies. 7. A small pilot study with HIV-positive men who were fed whey protein concentrate found dramatic increases in glutathione levels of allrepparttar 148573 study participants, with two out of three men reaching their ideal body weight. 8. In fact, there have been several U.S. and international patents granted forrepparttar 148574 treatment of AIDS and improving immunity with whey protein concentrates.Whey protein improves immune function and fights infections. Animals fed whey protein concentrate consistently showed dramatic enhancement of bothrepparttar 148575 humoral and cellular immune response to a variety of immune challenges, such as salmonella, streptococcus pneumonia 9 and extreme cancer-causing chemicals. This effect on immunity was not seen with other proteins. So proof Whey protein concentrate fights cancer!!

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It’s Not Just About Dieting…

Written by Jan Nicholas

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But whether it is at home or at a multi-gym, there is something that I want to tell you. Whatever you are doing, you must try and do it regularly.

Consistency is very important for an exercise routine to haverepparttar desired effect on our body. Getting started isrepparttar 148479 easy part, it is sticking to a regular exercise routine that is difficult and this is what makes most people give up in between.

Most people get on to a beautiful start. They buy track suits and gym-wear, running shoes and a whole lot of other gear. Their first day atrepparttar 148480 gym is almost a celebration.

Then asrepparttar 148481 days go on, they find it increasingly difficult to meetrepparttar 148482 domestic and professional demands and so their routine slows down and finally comes to a complete workout burn out. In other words,repparttar 148483 stop working out completely

It is a universal fact thatrepparttar 148484 most chosen time for work outs isrepparttar 148485 evenings. If you can stick to work out inrepparttar 148486 evenings then it is well and good. But most of us find ourselves exhausted inrepparttar 148487 evenings. We find ourselves physically and mentally drained. And at that time our bodies will be just too tired for a work out.

The result is that afterrepparttar 148488 first few days of working out,repparttar 148489 interest just dwindles away. The other reason is that inrepparttar 148490 evenings a thousand and one things may crop up and then there is hardly time for a warm up. So it is best to set aside some time for exercise inrepparttar 148491 morning itself.

There are two advantages of setting apart time inrepparttar 148492 morning. The first advantage is that inrepparttar 148493 morning our bodies are fresh and full of energy. Now over here I want to make one point clear.

There is a popular misconception that exercise depletesrepparttar 148494 body of energy butrepparttar 148495 case is justrepparttar 148496 opposite. Exercise pumps up more blood throughrepparttar 148497 different parts ofrepparttar 148498 body and warms uprepparttar 148499 body, so in fact, after exercise we feel more charged and ready to facerepparttar 148500 challenges ofrepparttar 148501 day.

The second advantage is that inrepparttar 148502 morning we can plan forrepparttar 148503 whole day without lettingrepparttar 148504 exercise routine affectrepparttar 148505 rest of our activities.

What about those of us who have never worked out before? In such cases you might need to start off underrepparttar 148506 personal supervision of an instructor and that may require that you go to a gym. But what I would suggest is that there are two simple things that any one can do for which you do not needrepparttar 148507 help of any instructor.

You know what these are? They are walking and swimming. Any body can walk and those of you who know how to swim can swim. For these two activities you do not need much gear and experts say that these two exercises have no side effects and are excellent stress busters.

So inrepparttar 148508 morning wake up just half an hour earlier, put on your walking shoes and hitrepparttar 148509 roads. Most roads will be less crowded at this hour and less polluted too. It is a wonderful way to start a day.

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