Where should I start?

Written by Chuck McCullough

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"This is my new website and I'm proud of it!"

Join an affiliate program... it doesn't matter which one, just figure out how to join one and join it.

Go back and modify your web page withrepparttar information they gave you when you signed up forrepparttar 117619 affiliate program.

Once you have done this, open your browser and try to find your new website.

Can you find it? If not, figure out why. Readrepparttar 117620 help section of your website host.

Once you find your website, go back and changerepparttar 117621 font on your page, bold some words, add a banner promotingrepparttar 117622 affiliate program you joined.

Moverepparttar 117623 banner torepparttar 117624 bottom ofrepparttar 117625 page instead ofrepparttar 117626 top. Just make changes to try and make it look better.

Add more content. What content? It doesn't matter, just talk about your favorite subject for a while: Fishing, skateboarding, racing cars, comic books, whatever.

After you have done this, figure out how to add Meta tags to your website with keywords and a description of what it is about.

When you have done this, go to every search engine you can possibly find and figure out what you have to do to submit your new web page.

Did you do this yet?

If so, you are now on your way to making money onrepparttar 117627 Internet.

Did I just tell you that your new web page is going to make you money?

Nope. The exercise that I had you follow took you from start to finish of creating and promoting a web page.

I intentionally left outrepparttar 117628 little details because THAT is what is going to get you on your way to making money online.

Having to go and figure out how to do each of those steps is where you will start to build your foundation for future wealth making.

The only way you are going to getrepparttar 117629 chance to do this is to get started right now... then as you learn more, you will start to figure out what it takes to earn money online.

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Have You Hugged Your 'Guru' Today?

Written by Rick Beneteau

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As I did with my former pre-Internet mainstreet business, my inner heart tells me this ISrepparttar way that I need to continue to do business online. Why?

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this philosophy is largely responsible forrepparttar 117618 success I have enjoyed forrepparttar 117619 past 4 years, while so many are struggling or have failed onrepparttar 117620 Internet. You must have come across countless success stories of *real* gurus who have achieved massive fame and/or wealth from simply focusing onrepparttar 117621 needs of, and helping, others.

Giving=Receiving is really one ofrepparttar 117622 few great laws of this wonderful universe!

Having said that, there is usually a yang for every yin, right? And here's that side of things.

*Some* people will try to abuse your giving spirit and attempt to dominate your time, as if it was their God-given *right*. You must be able to recognize when you're being taken advantage of and then politely say, like I do, something like "the clock will have to start ticking now and my consulting rate is $495.00 per hour.":-) You'll see how quicklyrepparttar 117623 conversation stops!

There will be others who are simply "takers", that will not even acknowledge, let alone thank you for your help. Weeks ago, I spent over an hour (on a Sunday nonetheless) doing some research and responding in-depth to a very difficult question (this should really have been a consultation!) that was posed to me by someone in seemingly dire circumstances. Sentrepparttar 117624 email twice (again a week later/neither bounced) because I sensedrepparttar 117625 importance of a resolution for this person and didn't want to takerepparttar 117626 chance they overlooked it. Not a hi, hello or how are you from them since.

I've never expected any kind of "award" for efforts like this, but a nice email from someone stating they are appreciative of your efforts is always a nice little *reward*. Sometimesrepparttar 117627 reward can come inrepparttar 117628 form of a high quality fruit-and- truffles package that arrives every Christmas without fail from a wonderful couple I helped just one time a few year ago!

But neither thankless or intrusive people should ever haverepparttar 117629 power to make us stop helping those who need our help. It goes withrepparttar 117630 territory of being in a position to influence and even lead, a position quite frankly, we should be very grateful to be in.

My advice is simple, but not always easy to follow through on. If you find yourself inrepparttar 117631 fortunate position where people think enough about what you have to offer that they will ask you for help, then makerepparttar 117632 same vow I did. Help them. Every last one of them!

In cyber-terms, Sell a MEG but Give a GIG. It will surely help others, but inrepparttar 117633 end, it will help YOU even more!

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