Where on Earth is your Website?

Written by Robert McCourty

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Let's look at it fromrepparttar other end ofrepparttar 127982 spectrum. The end user approach. Let's say you're vacationing in a new city forrepparttar 127983 first time. Once you get settled into your Hotel room, what'srepparttar 127984 first thing you want to find? Restaurants? Bank machines? Stores? So you pull out your hand-held, wireless, device, log ontorepparttar 127985 web and search for "Italian Food in San Francisco." Five Hundred results come back so you clickrepparttar 127986 new "location" feature on your hand-held (which knows exactly where you are) and ten Italian restaurants, who were smart enough to code their web sites with GIS data, light up onrepparttar 127987 screen. Guess which restaurants didn't get selected? The other four hundred and ninety. Starting to getrepparttar 127988 picture?

How does this affect you and your web site marketing? GIS Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates will soon be a must have on every web site operators and web developer's list and an absolute necessity for anyone wishing to trade good and services viarepparttar 127989 Internet. This data may relate torepparttar 127990 physical location ofrepparttar 127991 web site or whererepparttar 127992 site is being served from (if applicable) or where repparttar 127993 actual business represented byrepparttar 127994 site is physically located. There may be multiple web site locations and coding involved, if for example, you have a franchise with multiple locations, each location will probably need a page of it's own withrepparttar 127995 correct corresponding location data. If you run a home-based business, I doubt ifrepparttar 127996 co-ordinates to your living room are going to be necessary, but you should providerepparttar 127997 latitude and longitude ofrepparttar 127998 closest city or town. Large corporations such as banks may want to coderepparttar 127999 exact location of every automated teller machine acrossrepparttar 128000 country. Industry standards andrepparttar 128001 methods of serving out this data are still inrepparttar 128002 development phases but it's a safe bet to assume there are plenty of people working onrepparttar 128003 solutions right now and givenrepparttar 128004 speed of technology, implementation will probably be much sooner than later. Give yourself an edge. Find out where inrepparttar 128005 world your web site is...before your web site is nowhere to be found.

Robert McCourty is a founding partner and the Marketing Director of Metamend Software and Design Ltd., a cutting edge search engine optimization (SEO) and web site promotion and marketing company. Scores of Metamend Client web sites rank near or on top of the search engines for their respective search terms. http://www.metamend.com/

Google’s Shake Up: A View From the Beginning - Part One

Written by Jim Hedger

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I suspect thatrepparttar folks at Google know they have a major problem on their hands and are working to fix it. We have seen MAJOR spider activity from Google-Bot inrepparttar 127981 past 48-hours and see evidence that another Google-Dance is currently underway. We have seen updates torepparttar 127982 algorithm inrepparttar 127983 past. The most recent happened earlier this summer andrepparttar 127984 one before that was in October 2002. Each time Google augmented its algorithm with a new feature or filter, massive dislocation was temporarily felt acrossrepparttar 127985 commercial web. Both times, however, Google began producing relevant results within a matter of weeks. The new filters added to this update were too comprehensive and penalized sites that Google couldn't have been targeting on purpose. Again, I suggest that Google's engineering staff knows this, and if they don't, their customer relations and PR departments are most certainly telling them. I expect to see parts of this filter retained and applied torepparttar 127986 formula that eventually evolves into their new algorithm but I simply can't see Google keeping this algorithm, continuing to serving up spam, and throwing its hard-earned reputation outrepparttar 127987 window. Regardless ofrepparttar 127988 number of MBAs they have on staff, Google's brain trust is simply too smart for that. Google is not inrepparttar 127989 business of driving websites out of business. Google exists to make money by providingrepparttar 127990 most relevant listings possible, a goal they are clearly not achieving. As Lee Roberts stated above, Google was built on (and, implicitly can be brought down by), word-of-mouth advertising, a fact that cannot be lost onrepparttar 127991 management at Google. Google is not inrepparttar 127992 extortion business and has in fact, built its reputation on being above reproach inrepparttar 127993 separation of paid advertising (AdWords), andrepparttar 127994 general free listings. I have a difficult time acceptingrepparttar 127995 theory that Google is simply trying to increase AdWords revenues, or increase its own perceived value before issuingrepparttar 127996 expected IPO next quarter. In reality, what I think we are seeing is Google trying to reclaim its power when it comes to choosing how it will rank websites. Think about this update as a pendulum. Beforerepparttar 127997 update happened,repparttar 127998 pendulum had swung to one extreme where, with enough hard work, some could make Google do almost anything they wanted it to. Now, withrepparttar 127999 application ofrepparttar 128000 Florida Update, Google has pushedrepparttar 128001 pendulum back torepparttar 128002 other extreme. Eventually, and based on past observation,repparttar 128003 pendulum will find its way back torepparttar 128004 middle. As for those of us adversely affected byrepparttar 128005 Florida Update, StepForth's best advice is to continue making minor changes to your site as normal. We do not advise a full reoptimizaton at this point, a task that would not likely produce strong results beforerepparttar 128006 end ofrepparttar 128007 purchasing season anyway, untilrepparttar 128008 SEO sector has an honest handle on what is happening at Google. As a wise and wonderful person recently told me, "... you can't push a rope."

Jim Hedger is the SEO Manager of StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, StepForth is the result of the consolidation of BraveArt Website Management, Promotion Experts, and Phoenix Creative Works, and has provided professional search engine placement and management services since 1997. http://www.stepforth.com/ Tel - 250-385-1190 Toll Free - 877-385-5526 Fax - 250-385-1198

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