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Written by malcolm james pugh

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Getting a high ranking inrepparttar results page of searches isn't a matter of luck, but is about understandingrepparttar 140427 algorithms used byrepparttar 140428 various companies and applying optimization techniques to greatly improve your ranking position.

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ex systems programmers from dim and distant assembler days. 50+ years solid expertise in systems programming and still nearly sane. old time honesty and handshake contracts still work here.


Written by Chris Dunmire

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- Pretend you’re a world famous artist and build a 3D sculpture for an upcoming gallery show. (Keep in mind that anything you create will be adored and snatched up by your fans, even if you think it looks like junk.)

- Create an abstract ornament to be auctioned off at your favorite charity.


Using up to 100 words, write aboutrepparttar following:

- Your autobiography.

- A major event that altered your life course.

- Give advice to your ten-year-old self.

Now I’m going to sit here and wait until you get back from doing one of these creativity-inducing exercises. Once you finish, read on...

(ah, ah — no looking ahead!)

What Happened?

Did you really do it? Did you sincerely put forthrepparttar 140317 time and effort (15-30 minutes) on one ofrepparttar 140318 creativity exercises I prompted you with above? What happened when you did? Did you have fun? Did you create something new and unusual? Did you come away from it thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know I had it in me!”

Chances are thatrepparttar 140319 process was positive and you gained some interesting insight into your ability to be creative. See what happens when your mind is focused and you’re open to new creative experiences? Amazing things take place once you stop believing that you aren’t creative, and start practicing new ways to allow your creativity to surface.

So now what? Well, after you stop jumping up and down for joy, this new insight into your creative self should encourage you to keep moving forward to discovering your true creative potential. Revisit some of my creativity exercises if you need more prompts to keep you going.

I guarantee thatrepparttar 140320 more attention you put towards your creativity,repparttar 140321 more amazing results you’ll get in return. No ‘bones’ about it!

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Chris Dunmire is the driving force behind the Creativity Portal Web site, where visitors are encouraged to explore and express their creativity through free art and craft projects, writing prompts, and other creativity-inducing activities. To learn more, visit the Creativity Portal at http://www.creativity-portal.com and subscribe to its muse-tickling newsletter.

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