Where is the fourth dimension anyway?

Written by Neva Howell

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This awareness has caused me to approach evenrepparttar slightest encounter with another person differently than I would have approachedrepparttar 122423 same encounter before this awareness. I've become less concerned with getting my dinner ordered, my laundry done, my check cashed, etc. In private conversation, it matters less that I get my opinion voiced, my question asked, my statement made. I find myself caring less and less what I actually say in lectures, or private healing sessions. Anything my ego mind plans to say will be less effective thanrepparttar 122424 higher voice, so why bother? I'm less result-oriented. Now, I wait to seerepparttar 122425 bigger picture,repparttar 122426 higher picture, come into focus. I allow higher communications to filter down to physical consciousness. I understand, now, that those higher aspects are ever gathered and ready to assist us in creatingrepparttar 122427 optimal experience of exchange and communication. Assuming, always, unknown reasons for any interaction, I wait forrepparttar 122428 real reason to show itself. The ego baits us with one idea. It gets us there, and that's important. What we do after our arrival has a most exciting potential. When we are willing to wait and to listen, we will find conversations shifting fromrepparttar 122429 ego level--what we thought we came together to discuss--to a higher level. If, onrepparttar 122430 other hand, we remain rigidly attached to whatever we felt wasrepparttar 122431 reason forrepparttar 122432 encounter, then we miss something--perhaps, something vital.

Leave room forrepparttar 122433 drawing down ofrepparttar 122434 higher voice--that voice isrepparttar 122435 reason for your coming together with another, no matter how coincidental or random an interaction may seem and no matter what you thoughtrepparttar 122436 meeting was about. These higher aspects, or soul energies are subtle magnets, drawing related groups together for integration, balance andrepparttar 122437 remembering of ancient purpose. The fourth dimension is right here, right now. We can enter it at will, once we rememberrepparttar 122438 vibration of energy required. Watchrepparttar 122439 other screen!

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook. More onrepparttar 122440 book can be found at http://www.healthynewage.com/moonlodge.html

Neva Howell is a visionary writer, wellness counselor, intuitive reader, workshop presenter and spiritual healer. Her bio is located at http://www.healthynewage.com/bio.html

Films, television and acceleration:

Written by Neva Howell

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One enlightened being, inrepparttar midst of any crowded theater, can acceleraterepparttar 122422 group consciousness ofrepparttar 122423 entire audience, simply by tuning in torepparttar 122424 journey that particular group has chosen to take together. This is accomplished by focus onrepparttar 122425 message, characters, emotional tone, and energy level ofrepparttar 122426 film itself, and serving as an active channel forrepparttar 122427 highest aspects of those energies.

This same channeling is possible, of course, at any common gathering and can be equally powerful during church services, natural disaster relief efforts, activist demonstrations, or waiting in line atrepparttar 122428 unemployment service. A group comes together for a common and known experience, but receives another, more spiritual experience, as well. This is always true. The only question is whether we will be consciously involved inrepparttar 122429 higher level experience, and thus receive allrepparttar 122430 new awareness that can result, or simply leave with a vague feeling of missing something--perhaps, something vital?

Neva Howell is a professional actress, wellness counselor and psychic intuitive. She teaches creative improvisation and facilitates spiritual workshops and lectures. More information on the spiritual side of acting and performance art at http://www.healthynewage.com/improv.html

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