Where is our largest technological plan?

Written by J.C.Melo

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But in order to survive, withoutrepparttar smallest doubt we need this technological plan in order to maintainrepparttar 113486 world technological hegemony ofrepparttar 113487 United States inrepparttar 113488 next 30-40 years and as a result, our world economic hegemony. And as you realize, I am talking about our children and grandsons future.

Now we are choosing a new President but any that comes to berepparttar 113489 chosen, again that plan must have a very high priority, and for its greatness and for its long duration naturally he doesn't depend on a specific Party or a specific government.

Now we have a lot of communication products and services - mobiles and its thousand of applications, digital TV, etc - and a lot of IT applications and services - CRM Customer Relationship Management with sophisticated voice and bidirectional Call Centers, ERP Enterprise Resources Planning, Voice over IP Voip, BI Business Intelligence, Data Mining, AI Artificial Intelligence, GSI,repparttar 113490 wide Internet and its thousand of applications, etc - but all those are small embryos of what is possible to do.

What we need to do?

Asrepparttar 113491 plan is natural and technologically possible and in its largest portion depends more onrepparttar 113492 private initiatives and less onrepparttar 113493 government, my suggestion isrepparttar 113494 creation of a nonpolitical Foundation to fight for this plan inrepparttar 113495 White House,repparttar 113496 Congress,repparttar 113497 media,repparttar 113498 society,repparttar 113499 industries,repparttar 113500 colleges, etc., and naturally to integrate all those sides.

I haverepparttar 113501 freedom of initiatives in my blood and for me nothing is more powerful than a very true entrepreneur. After all, those entrepreneurs createdrepparttar 113502 successful United States, therefore we need only to repeatrepparttar 113503 recipe. For ever.

About the Author:

J.C.Melo is a 73-years old IT professional with 54 years of experience in computer science & technology entrepreneurship. He was the owner of the first minicomputer factory in South America and Consultant for the U.S. Government in several contracts. Now is the CEO of the organization http://mba-open-university.net.

We Must Go to War

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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So war it must be. As a leading politician it is not hard to gain support amongstrepparttar influential andrepparttar 113485 important persona ofrepparttar 113486 country. Speaking honestly they probably all have similar desires to get richer, become more powerful and to do such at any cost. So a few hushed conversations behind closed doors, a few handshakes and promises will soon haverepparttar 113487 tanks rumbling,repparttar 113488 planes diving andrepparttar 113489 submarines doing whatever submarines do. And I in my turn can then start making more arms and tanks through my arms division, supplying uniforms through my clothing section and of course my shipping division would then be able to do whatever ships do.

And oncerepparttar 113490 war is over, hopefully not too quickly I will be able to send in my construction firms, my people and my mercenaries to protect and control my industries. And from thatrepparttar 113491 billions will flow back into my numerous accounts under different names and it will all ensure that my name is on that list tillrepparttar 113492 day I die. As a politician it would also nice if I became known asrepparttar 113493 man who brokered peace or donated millions torepparttar 113494 starving (a little bit of odd change goes a long way inrepparttar 113495 right places). Maybe I could fly our duringrepparttar 113496 fighting process to give encouragement torepparttar 113497 troops inrepparttar 113498 field or make noises about haltingrepparttar 113499 war as soon as a soldier dies – anything to make myself look good.

I must admit that making oneself look good certainly helps in court when faced with bankruptcy or a bitchy wife. I mean which judge want to be known asrepparttar 113500 judge that putrepparttar 113501 peace-lover,repparttar 113502 donator orrepparttar 113503 helper behind bars or atrepparttar 113504 very least into financial ruin?

Don’t you see all you little people, that whichever way you look at it I am in control? I haverepparttar 113505 power to make all those amazing decisions that will affect you forrepparttar 113506 rest of your lives – and those very same decisions make me richer, nicer and more appreciatedrepparttar 113507 world over and you little people just get poorer and poorer whilst believing everything that you hear”.

Ieuan Dolby Author and webmaster of Seamania July 2004

Born Cambridge, England in 1967 started his career in the Merchnat Navy at 17yr. Now, after rising from Cadet to Chief Engineer and after eighteen years of travelling the world he writes articles and fiction for his website http://www.seadolby.com

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