Where have all the web content sites gone?

Written by Melissa Brewer

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Online Content UK http://www.onlinecontentuk.org Online Content UK has moved up to fillrepparttar gap inrepparttar 131927 UK content scene. They are now hosting events, an online discussion group, and they plan on adding UK Content Creation jobs in early 2002.

Independents Day http://www.independentsday.org/about_id/aboutid.php >Fromrepparttar 131928 website: "INDEPENDENTS DAY is a worldwide project celebrating independent content and design onrepparttar 131929 web. It's supported by an informal network of designers, artists, writers, editors, developers, and producers who create content and design to enrichrepparttar 131930 web."

Web Writer News http://www.webwriternews.com Emily Moorehead's website is packed with news, columns, and resources for web writers.

If I missed your website, which is a definite possibility, please email me your details at mysmys@home.com and I'll let everyone know you're out there!

Publisher of: The Web Writing Buzz Newsletter http://groups.yahoo.com/group/webwritingbuzz

The Writer's Online Survival Guide http://mysmys.tripod.com hewritersonlinesurvivalguide/ *32 packages of Ramen Noodles = $4.00 *230+ Writing-Specific Job Sources Online = $4.00 *Not having to spend hours searching onrepparttar 131931 web for new ramen noodle recipes or dead-end writing job links = Priceless*


Sins of The Internet: Para-Site

Written by Richard Lowe

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I was shocked. Of course, I had heard of this phenomenon before, but i had never seen it so blatant. The guy even claimedrepparttar pages as his own work! as far as his visitors could tell, he had done it all without help from anyone. Yet he was using other people's bandwidth, he was "stealing" their pages and he was, well, obviously without any kind of ethics.

Needless to say, I didn't give himrepparttar 131925 award. I also zipped off an email torepparttar 131926 webmasters whose sites had been "borrowed" so that they could rationally decide what needed to be done.

Linking to another site is perfectly legal, completely ethical and should be done without any considerations of any kind. The web is all about linking - referencing other material at will. The best thing you can do is link, link and link some more. To any and every WEB PAGE that you find useful (never, ever link directly to graphics or other multimedia - only to web pages).

Onrepparttar 131927 other hand, para-siting (or framing, as it is commonly called) another person's site without permission is unethical. It confuses visitors to your site and it steals bandwidth. It's even worse to attempt to pretendrepparttar 131928 web site being framed is your own.

The moral ofrepparttar 131929 story - stay ethical onrepparttar 131930 internet.

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