Where does your security lie? part two (2)

Written by DJ and Stephanie

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Empathy involves observing carefullyrepparttar needs of others with a view to helping them.....We will learn to showrepparttar 132546 empathy that a loving mother naturally feels towards her child.

How to Cutlivate EMPATHY... 1:Listen 2:Observe 3:Use your imagination

Focus on this word "Imagination" for a second.Do you remember? "Imagination" allowsrepparttar 132547 mind to leaverepparttar 132548 reality of life with its insecurities and to enter a beautiful, secure condition, dismissing anything that may spoilrepparttar 132549 dream. Often, thoughrepparttar 132550 problems ofrepparttar 132551 real world suddenly intrude on this dream-world and mercilessly obliteraterepparttar 132552 feeling of well_Being, awakeningrepparttar 132553 dreamer to sober reality.


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Michigan's Poor Children Face An Uphill Battle

Written by Brian McAfee

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Michigan's Republican-controlled legislature cutrepparttar clothing allowance from $75 to $25 to assistrepparttar 132544 Republican tax cuts forrepparttar 132545 rich.

Another aspect to this plan was that lawmakers also trimmed back eligibility, limiting it to school-age children, four years and older on public assistance. Previously infants and toddlers were eligible.

It has been noted that this past winter many children have been going to school without coats, boots or hats!

Gov. Granholm is in many ways an improvement over our now former Gov. John Engler, but she has yet to prove herself an advocate forrepparttar 132546 poor -- particularly poor children.

On a wider scale, west Michigan social activist and advocate forrepparttar 132547 poor, Father Jack LaGoe said: "A nation willing to put itself into a debt of $400 billion a year forrepparttar 132548 foreseeable future, asking onlyrepparttar 132549 poor and lower middle class to pay for it, has lost its vision and any hope of peace." All articles are ? Copyleft 2003,repparttar 132550 Michigan Socialist Articles may be reproduced, printed and distributed freely, as long as proper attribution is given. Any questions or comments, write a Letter torepparttar 132551 Editor

Brian is a freelance writer and political activist who currently lives in West Michigan.

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