Where are you currently heading?

Written by Jo Ball

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Yet while you continually throw your heart into doing what seems right, performing in ‘The Existence Mode’ your soul is searching. (That’s why you are reading this now and identifying yourself in my words).

Your soul wants you to dorepparttar logical thing. Align with your true identity - become all that you are. It doesn’t want to see you floundering one day more. It doesn’t want you to be lost, fed-up, mentally beating yourself or picking onrepparttar 136469 ones you love. It wants you to be free.

Begin your search now.

Understand that you were born with a unique talent and a distinctive way of expressing it; understand that at some level you already know your life purpose and that it has just become buried and that all you need now is just some time and a little help to uncover it; understand life purpose is not just job specific, though work is a key element because ofrepparttar 136470 hours spent doing it; understand without clarity of life purpose living becomes existence. Until you know what you want you’ll continue to run onrepparttar 136471 pre-programmed Existence Mode’.

Finding out who you really are and where you are really heading takes a little time and may cost you some money. It’s a journey – a journey that leads to self-fulfillment, greater rewards at work and greater, all-round happiness.

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Understanding Your Breasts: A Health Guide for All Women

Written by Larry Denton

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Nipple discharge is common for some women. It is fluid fromrepparttar nipple in different colors or textures. Usually, this is not a sign of cancer. For example, birth control pills and other medications, such as sedatives, can cause a little discharge. However, for women who are going through or have passed menopause, nipple discharge can be a sign of cancer.

One ofrepparttar 136365 most common plastic surgeries performed inrepparttar 136366 U.S. is breast implants. According torepparttar 136367 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 255,000 breast enhancement implant surgeries in 2003, nearly twicerepparttar 136368 number done in 1998. Despite a decade of controversy over their safety, breast implants are more popular than ever among women who want to build upon what nature gave them or who want to restore what disease has taken away.

Some medical care providers say that using breast implants to rebuildrepparttar 136369 breast (reconstruction), or change its size and shape (augmentation), significantly improvesrepparttar 136370 quality of life for many women. Advocates of breast implants also say that a woman's consent torepparttar 136371 surgery should be considered valid as long as she carefully weighsrepparttar 136372 risks and benefits ofrepparttar 136373 procedure.

Whether you are looking to augment your breast size, reducerepparttar 136374 size of your breasts, or are looking for clothing that will make your breasts look more attractive, reliable and current information can be easily found by searchingrepparttar 136375 Internet.

Perhaps you need useful and relevant information about breast feeding--its benefits andrepparttar 136376 best positions and techniques. Or maybe you are concerned aboutrepparttar 136377 possibility of breast cancer--there are hundreds of websites dealing with all issues pertaining torepparttar 136378 human breast.

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently V.P. of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet business providing valuable information on a variety of timely topics. For a doctor's office full of advice, resources and suggestions about breasts, visit http://www.BreastAide.com

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