Where are my Google Adverts?

Written by Tom O'Brien

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Example 1 - Inefficient (Worst case scenario) An inefficient approach to adwords advertising is shown inrepparttar following diagram: Adwords Advert Inefficient Exposure

Here we can see thatrepparttar 145159 advertiser has too high a CPC and too low a daily campaign budget.

Example 2 - Underserved (Slightly better) An under-served approach to adwords advertising is shown inrepparttar 145160 following diagram: Adwords Advert Underserved Exposure

This example shows us a low campaign daily budget and a low max CPC forrepparttar 145161 keyword (low relative to page 1 results that is).

Example 3 - Optimised (Where most advertisers should aim) An under-served approach to adwords advertising is shown inrepparttar 145162 following diagram: Adwords Advert Optimised Exposure

Here we seerepparttar 145163 CPC is relatively low butrepparttar 145164 campaign budget allows for high exposure thus giving more impressions and likely more sales (dependent on your skills at conversion).

Example 4 - Maximised (Whererepparttar 145165 big boys live) An under-served approach to adwords advertising is shown inrepparttar 145166 following diagram: Adwords Advert Maximised Exposure

Here we seerepparttar 145167 CPC is "high" (their CTR will also be high thus offsetting costs) andrepparttar 145168 campaign budget allows for high exposure thus giving more impressions and likely more sales (dependent on your skills at conversion).

This isrepparttar 145169 ultimate aim of your Adwords campaign - to be able to dominate your market by being able to pay high CPC costs allrepparttar 145170 time as you are able to make more profits through scaling your budget.

  • To increase your advert exposure - you must increase your campaign daily budget.
  • To increase your advert position, you increase your maximum CPC.

There is an excellent free PDF here: www.adgooro.com which goes into further detail on this and other issues related to adwords and how to dominate your market.

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How To Test A Keyword For Success!

Written by Lil Waldner

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Google Adwords estimatesrepparttar possible traffic in clicks per day of a keyword. It displaysrepparttar 145114 possible average position if using Google Adwords. It calculatesrepparttar 145115 daily costs according to a given budget. It finds alternatives to each tested keyword. Google showsrepparttar 145116 clickthroughrate CTR. This isrepparttar 145117 percentage of clicks that a website receives in relation torepparttar 145118 impressions (the number of times a website is shown). The higherrepparttar 145119 clickthroughraterepparttar 145120 strongerrepparttar 145121 keyword!

Goodkeywords is a free windows software for findingrepparttar 145122 perfect set of keywords forrepparttar 145123 webpages. The software can be downloaded. No registration is required.

It is possible to subscribe at Wordtracker.com. They submit regularily lists withrepparttar 145124 most popular keywords inrepparttar 145125 internet. This information can help to find out trendy keywords as well as keywords that show a sustainable popularity. Paris Hilton is a very popular keyword, but is it useful for a website that sells e-books about software applications?

Using, supervising and revising keywords

Itís not easy to find and chooserepparttar 145126 right keyword. The described tools are very useful. The reality has to showrepparttar 145127 results. Itís important to supervise and trackrepparttar 145128 used keywords weekly and to revise them from time to time. Even a CPC campaign on a small budget can be sufficient to determinerepparttar 145129 trends and popularity ofrepparttar 145130 used keywords.

Lil Waldner is a business economist. She is experienced in project management and marketing. She has worked as editor of newspapers and she has written booklets and essays with economic and public issues. Visit her web site: http://affiliatechain.com

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