Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part XIII

Written by David D. Deprice

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* Copy DVD Movies * Copy DVD to DVD * Copy DVD to CD * Copy DivX Video to DVD * Copy DivX Video To CD-R * Copy DVD to Your Hard Drive * Rip entire DVD Video and Audio From any DVD * Convert Your Ripped DVDs torepparttar Popular DivX format * View DivX Video On Your TV * Backup Your DVDs to VCD * Backup Your DVDs to SVCD * Backup DVD-5 (<4.38GB) to DVD-R Disks * Backup DVD-9 (>4.38GB) to DVD-R/Keeping Original Menu * Backup DVD-9 (>4.38GB) to DVD-R/Movie Only * Backup DVD-9 (>4.38GB) to Two DVD-Rs * Play Backups in your Home Entertainment DVD Player * Play Backups in your Computer DVD Player * Archive/Burn Your VHS Tapes to VCD (Video CD) * Archive Your VHS Tapes to Your Hard Drive * View Your Copied VHS Tapes from Your Hard Drive * Rip Justrepparttar 138101 Sound Track From a DVD * Extract Your Favorite Part of a DVD Movie * Convert AVI Video to MPEG * Backup Sony PlayStation (PSX) Games * Backup Sony PlayStation (PS2) Games * Split Large DivX Files * Split Large MPEG Files * Repair Damaged DivX Files * Convert RealPlayer .rm Video to .AVI Video * Convert RealPlayer .ra & .ram Audio to MP3 * And Much More...

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How to Protect Your Email ID from Spammers?

Written by Lakshmi Menon

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2. Write your email like this - username (at the) domainname.com or net, or edu, whatever it may be.

3. Use a web form. Those who genuinely want to contact you will fillrepparttar form with their details and get in touch with you. So you know who is contacting you.

4. Never reply to a spam email. Many advise that replying to a spam email confirms your email address torepparttar 135586 spammer.

5. While leaving your email address for filling up a form to get more information please check with their privacy policy, to ensure that they won't misuse your email for any other purpose, other thanrepparttar 135587 one you've requested.

6. Make use of your email provider's filtering facility to reduce spam.

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