Where Lewis and Clark Stopped in Montana.

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Perhaps one of Montana’s most famous landmarks, Great Falls, which Lewis described as a sublimely grand spectacle, can be viewed from a series of scenic overlooks. These overlooks located in Montana Power Company’s Ryan Dam Park, contain many informative interpretive signs. The Portage aroundrepparttar Great Falls delayedrepparttar 149226 Lewis and Clark expedition of almost a month in 1805. The Expeditions’ boats and supplies had to be portaged nearly 18 miles around this navigational obstacle. Almost all ofrepparttar 149227 route is privately owned and is not accessible to visitors. Again, visitors wishing to own a piece of history can contract one ofrepparttar 149228 Great Falls area’s local realtors to see if any of this privately land becomes available. A quick look atrepparttar 149229 Montana Map shows Square Butte, a landmark named “Fort Mountain” byrepparttar 149230 expedition in 1805. Lewis used this landmark to guide him torepparttar 149231 Great Falls in 1806. Another landmark,repparttar 149232 aptly named Lewis and Clark Pass, was crossed byrepparttar 149233 party in 1806 as they followed an Indian Trail torepparttar 149234 Great Falls. This landmark is accessible by a foot trail. Commercial boat trips are available to vacationers interested in an explorer’s eye view of another landmark onrepparttar 149235 map of Montana named by Lewis. The Gates ofrepparttar 149236 Mountains is a spectacular Missouri River Canyon and well worthrepparttar 149237 trip. Montana Vacationers will also find lots of state recreation areas located around Canyon Ferry Lake, many of which have Lewis and Clark interpretation. There are many other Lewis and Clark Expedition sites to visit on your Montana Vacation. Other Lewis and Clark stops you’ll see on your Montana Map include, Missouri Headwaters State Park, Beaverhead Rock State Monument, Clark’s Lookout State Monument, Camp Fortunate Overlook, Lemhi Pass, Cameahwait’s Shoshone Camp, Travelers Rest and many others. So plan your Lewis and Clark Montana Vacation now. And remember, your Montana real estate agent is only a phone call away if you decide to stay.

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Why Should You Chose An All Inclusive Vacation?

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You can choose from beach vacations that offer lots of water sports or breathtaking mountain views that give you opportunity for adventure sports. No matter what location you choose for your vacation, you can usually be happy that everything you need is included withrepparttar booking. Although, it is worth pointing out that not every vacation package is created equal. Readrepparttar 149225 small print carefully to help you come to a decision. Some holidays, for example, only offer local brand alcohol, or buffet style meals, whereas with others there are no such restrictions.

There are numerous travel agencies that offer all inclusive vacations, covering a wide range of budgets, destinations and levels of service. You can select fromrepparttar 149226 available range according to your holiday budget. A good tip is: if you have left your booking torepparttar 149227 last minute you can take advantage of discounts thatrepparttar 149228 operators offer on unfilled vacations. If you are not worried about visiting a particular destination – and lets face it, most people on an all inclusive vacation rarely leaverepparttar 149229 hotel grounds – shop around forrepparttar 149230 best deal. This way you can get a really luxurious holiday for a modest amount.

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