Where Do I Get My Email Lists?

Written by Karen Fegarty

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4. Use Brokers - Ask brokers or other sites with heavy traffic to post a signup for your information or service. Most will charge between 10 - 15 cents per email, but these are yours to keep.

5. Door-to-Door - One of our tourism customers found this quite effective - they hired students to go door to door asking for email addresses in return for information that they might be interested in.

6. Online Contest - Online contests are often a very effective way of getting email addresses. Makerepparttar email address a requirement of entry. There are a number of companies that will manage all aspects of your online contest. One is Raffle http://www.raffle.ca/

7. Bricks and Mortar - For those of you with physical stores, don't forget to ask for email addresses at every turn. Ask at checkout, send surveys, run contests etc.

8. Your Communication Material - Don't just put your URL on your communications. Ask people to go to your site and signup. Put this on business cards, order forms, survey forms and signature files.

There are many more techniques that will help you build your lists; hopefully these will get your ideas flowing. Although building a qualified list will take time, inrepparttar 109697 end this isrepparttar 109698 best, most cost effective and profitable route to take.

Karen Fegarty is with MailWorkZ. MailWorkZ, http://www.mailworkz.com is a leading producer of emarketing products and tools. Karen can be reached at mailto:karen@mailworkz.com

How to increase your E-Mail Marketing Results !!!

Written by Thomas Kraemer

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You can of course send more follow up messages than 4. Itīs also a good idea to put a free gift into every messasge! If your readers get valuable content with your ads they will keep reading your series!

Now this sounds like a lot of work, doesn`t it? You`re wrong! Of course it would be a lot of work if you had to mail outrepparttar messages manually and keep track of who`s to get which message! That`s why you will use an automated system! An autoresponder!

Instead of giving out your web-site URL in your ads, you put a link to your autoresponder! Now prospects can request more information by simply sending an e-mail to your autoresponder adress! The responder will then send your messages inrepparttar 109696 order and timely manner that you did specify! Automatically! You just advertiserepparttar 109697 way you`re used to and your autoresponder does allrepparttar 109698 work for you with following up your prospects until they buy!

Thomas Kraemer If you would like more informaton on how to set up a follow up series and where to get an ad free autoresponder at no cost: Try out our free course: "FREE AUTORESPONDER MARKETING" It will guide you through all the steps you need to take to get your automated sales-machine to work for you at no cost ever! mailto:kraemer@freenet.de?subject="FreE rEpORt plEAsE"

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