"Where Can I Find The Best Case Mods Online and Save Money"?

Written by Kevin Taylor

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If you want case mod forums and galleries go to;


Do it yourself case modding projects. "If you want guides to dozens of creative modding projects, this is your site"

These sites have great advice and products on all kinds of case mod ideas.

Now First-Ever Star Wars PC (more info at http://www.maxsvr.com/case-mod-information/)

Alienware now has a line of Star Wars PCs. In addition to stunning Star Wars graphics onrepparttar case,repparttar 137703 systems also come with spectacular Star Wars skins and Wallpaper. (more info at http://www.maxsvr.com/case-mod-information/)

According to Alienware;

"As possiblyrepparttar 137704 most popular movie franchise of all time, Star Wars has appeared on countless products and become an indelible part of pop culture. Despite all of that, however, there has never been a PC that Star Wars fans could call their own. Until now. The first-ever Star Wars PC,repparttar 137705 Alienware Aurora: Star Wars Edition, has arrived, bringing together one-of-a-kind Star Wars style and award-winning Alienware power to forever transform your computing experience."

The Star Wars graphics on bothrepparttar 137706 "light side" andrepparttar 137707 "dark side" versions look as impressive as it gets. (more info at http://www.maxsvr.com/case-mod-information/)

Kevin Taylor is a freelance writer/webmaster and lives in Toronto, Canada. http://www.maxsvr.com/case-mod-information

User Friendliness: Do Computers Have to be Clinical and Boring?

Written by Daniel Punch

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Some ofrepparttar greatest Easter Eggs came from Microsoft's software stable. Word 97 used to have a great little pinball game built in if you followedrepparttar 137586 correct steps, while Excel 97 had a fun little 'flight simulator' built in. Unfortunately employees are apparently no longer allowed to include these after some offensive messages were once included in a program.

Companies now require a very professional image and software costs quite a lot to develop, so we're likely to see allrepparttar 137587 amusing quirks removed from software that's released making it nothing but functional. I think that this is unfortunate. I agree that error messages need to be functional and letrepparttar 137588 user know what's gone wrong but there's no harm in takingrepparttar 137589 edge offrepparttar 137590 fact that they've possibly just lost a few hour's work by adding a little humor intorepparttar 137591 picture. As long as common sense is adhered to I don't really see why my grey pop up boxes all need to say exactlyrepparttar 137592 same thing and be filled with data that's largely useless to me. Thank you, I realize thatrepparttar 137593 program has encountered an error. I assumed this when it stopped working. Why not give me a reason to actually read error messages instead of having to dismiss them as soon as they appear?

I thinkrepparttar 137594 idea of user friendliness has become too clinical and precise. We have rules and structures defining what is or isn't helpful. We put fancy, bubbly skins onrepparttar 137595 dull and mundane and think that we're making it all more interesting. Just occasionally I'd like my computer to pop up and say "Human Error. Please replace user and try again."

Daniel Punch M6.Net Web Helpers http://www.m6.net

Daniel Punch is a writer working at M6.Net: 'The web-hosting company for humans.' M6.Net is working hard to help humanity experience the power and freedom to develop their own part of the Internet, to share their information and connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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