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I am sorry if this sounds like a “doddery crumblies onrepparttar net” cliché, but thrifty pensioners in my experience seldom lash out on killer systems with cable modems and upgrade motherboards every two or three years. They are too wise to waste hard-earned cash on capacity they do not need. Plus, you need them - they do not need you (at this time) so why should they sweat to figure out your site?

Further to viewer profiles - think aroundrepparttar 146178 issues involved.

Consider, for example, a three star hotel. Those looking for a less expensive level of accommodation, do they haverepparttar 146179 money to change PCs frequently or to 'waste' on broadband connectivity?

A site for an optician – should it not have clear to read type? After all,repparttar 146180 viewers may well need glasses or have problems with color vision. A black on red logo may be a mistake here.

Will a mother respond better to a playschool website her baby would like – lots of bright colours and teddies - or would she prefer something more serious and trustworthy for perhapsrepparttar 146181 most precious thing in her life?

Not necessarily “bad” use, but frequently inappropriate use of design and net-technology gets in-betweenrepparttar 146182 viewer and your goal - and produces some ofrepparttar 146183 most technically advanced, beautifully executed, clever, portfolio worthy, over-priced lemons thatrepparttar 146184 web has ever seen.

Way down onrepparttar 146185 pre flight checklist list isrepparttar 146186 question of selecting images, animations (if any) and audio because unless they conform torepparttar 146187 design needs I have outlined – they are worse than useless. This is no exaggeration as usesless at best does nothing, but inappropriate contents can send viewers away in their droves. Further; until you know who your target actually is, based on what criteria would you select anything anyway?

To me, all of this leads to relatively small, neat, "say it then shut up" websites aimed at a specific goal with a specific target or range of targets. Simple to use and clear in terms of design and content, and that by a strange coincidence this just happens to berepparttar 146188 favorite fodder ofrepparttar 146189 search engine spiders. The proverbial 4-L's always apply.

With these facts in mind you can critique your site asrepparttar 146190 marketing tool is should be, rather than a work of art or an expression of your or your webmasters desire to produce something that impresses you and your like-minded friends – but that no one else will spare a second glance.

Englesos is a Web and Graphic Designer working out of the Famagusta area of Cyprus. See more of his work on http://www.englesos.net

Find article and Free content in 3 easy steps !

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Search engine are looking for web site content : Major Search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo! are looking for high quality content sites that update on a daily basis.If you plan to write content for your own site then it will surely take you a long time to finish a good number of quality pages.Hiring a content writer freelancer to write good quality web content or articles is a good option but only for those who have a lot of money to give away.Even after that you cannot be sure that it’s your money’s worth and you will get good content pages which will have no grammatical errors in them.

Q:What do you in such a situation when you are out of content and articles. A:You find article which are free and use them on your blogs and websites(It is important that you followrepparttar rules, policy ofrepparttar 146047 available article, example : Not changingrepparttar 146048 text or links ofrepparttar 146049 article).

It is as simple at that.This is one ofrepparttar 146050 best ways around to get content for your site.

To make this simpler there are tools available which will makerepparttar 146051 whole "find free article , free web content" procedure as easy as 1-2-3.

One of them is Article extractor for content by Jvw.

  1. Just type your niche keyword(step 1).
  2. Chooserepparttar 146052 article you want(step2).
  3. Extract and save/ftp it(step 3).
Getting Free content was never easier or faster.

This is surely a MUST for every web developer, SEO professional and Internet marketing people around !

--------------------------------------- Ashish Thakkar is an Internet marketing consultant and an SEO Specialist. He provides training and guidance on Website promotion and email marketing to individuals and top executives.Most of his Web marketing and promotion softwares are available at http://www.jvwinc.com/internet.html . ---------------------------------------

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