When to say "When" to an affiliate program

Written by Chuck McCullough

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you will be able to appeal torepparttar merchant and ask them to consider increasing their payout to you. This happens a lot in this industry, especially if it is a good fit for both sides. Worse case you might be able to get away with telling them that if they don't cooperate with you, you're going to change to another program. Chances are they don't want to lose your business, and they will work something out for you. So now we've donerepparttar 102640 easy part and dumpedrepparttar 102641 programs that we know aren't appropriate for our site. What aboutrepparttar 102642 ones that are fairly targeted to our content and that our visitors might be interested in? How do we know whenrepparttar 102643 amount that we are going to earn doesn't justifyrepparttar 102644 time and effort to promote a particular program? I once read that you should give at least 3000 impressions to any given program before makingrepparttar 102645 decision to keep it or drop it. I don't quite agree with this statement. According to this, I post a banner on my site, and if it hasn't made me any money by 3000 impressions, dump it. We all know (at least I hope we do!) that there is much more to being successful with affiliate programs than just adding banners to your rotation. So how do we set a benchmark? This has to be determined by you. It is based on your website, your visitors,repparttar 102646 program, andrepparttar 102647 amount of effort you have put into promotingrepparttar 102648 program. Have you blendedrepparttar 102649 product offerings in with your content? Have you given personal recommendations for any ofrepparttar 102650 products? Have you displayedrepparttar 102651 links and/or graphics prominently so thatrepparttar 102652 majority of your traffic has a chance to see them? Have you mentioned new product offerings to your newsletter subscribers? If you can answer yes torepparttar 102653 majority ofrepparttar 102654 above questions, then you can make a determination as to how long to tryrepparttar 102655 affiliate program. If you've done these things and your visitors have passed right byrepparttar 102656 offerings for a decent time frame and nothing has happened...its time to move on! Find another program and give itrepparttar 102657 same due diligence. If you do this with each and everyone of your targeted programs, you WILL find a program that will perform for you! This process should be familiar to you...many, many internet marketers preach this concept...simply known as...TESTING!! Your online career is a series of continual tests. Try one product, if it doesn't work for you, get rid of it and try another one. After you have done this testing, then and only then, can you say "When" to an affiliate program.

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Written by Carl Hruza

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a short-term strategy, and then plan and implement a strategy forrepparttar mid to long term. An effective short-term strategy might involverepparttar 102639 use of a combination of Banner advertising, opt-in email lists, and Ezines to get some traffic flowing quickly. The effectiveness of each will be largely dependant on your category of business andrepparttar 102640 marketing message you create to front your ads (your web copy). Atrepparttar 102641 same time you must implement your mid to longer term marketing goals, which will formrepparttar 102642 'backbone' of your marketing strategy. The ideal vehicle for delivering steady 'targeted' traffic in higher volume and at low cost - 'Search Engines'. Consider this. If I email my 'sales offer' through opt-in email to a subscriber base of 300,000 people, I can expect to pay anywhere between $1500 and $5,000 for a one-time mailing, depending onrepparttar 102643 target audience. Alternatively, for less than $1,000 I can register a domain name, setup some basic advertising web pages, haverepparttar 102644 pages 'optimized' to rank well onrepparttar 102645 search engines and hostrepparttar 102646 site for a whole year. When traffic starts to arrive through Internet searches it will be targeted and will produce a far superior visitor/inquiry ratio than through any other advertising medium. Most importantly it is a sustainable and predictable flow of visitors, generated at a very low 'cost per visitor' rate. Those businesses that plan forrepparttar 102647 long term will mostly be around inrepparttar 102648 long term. Those that do not, most certainly will not. "Making it big without spending a penny on advertising" - we see very few ways of effectively promoting a business onrepparttar 102649 Internet these days without some costs. There are many places where your site can be advertised for free, but how effective are they? Be prepared to invest some money into marketing your business and try to seek out reputable services. Exercise caution whenever you see 'money for nothing' style promotions and do not gamble with your livelihood. Thoroughly test all your marketing campaigns so you can identify those that are successful and those that are not. Inrepparttar 102650 same way, monitorrepparttar 102651 progress of your web site and record information about your visitors and how they found you. As a small or home based business entrepreneur, value your time! If you spend five hours submitting your site to free resource boards that bring you little or no business, remember that it has actually cost you at least $500. Trust only to good fortune, never to luck!

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