When to Start a Home Business?

Written by John Olson

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Of course if you just inherited a Ton Of Cash and don't need to work, you can start any old time.

The best time to start a business to make Money is when you don't need that Money.

It's likerepparttar old saying about Banks loaning you Money only when you can prove you don't need it. Whatever program or company you are in or are thinking of joining, you need to realize it is going to take time and work and that you had better have a way of payingrepparttar 117325 bills while it builds.

I read about people and get E-mails from others allrepparttar 117326 time saying they just got laid off, lost their jobs or have extra expenses they can't handle, wanting to know what to do to make it BIG or even small, just enough to pay those bills.

If you are in one of those situations and are already in some program and are hopping if you just hang on one more month or join one more thing it's all going to start working, or you are waiting for that company or program to launch so you can be Rich?

Get yourself a real job and stop dreaming it's going to happen over night or inrepparttar 117327 next month. Get a real job, and work your program as a second job. And work it as hard as you can.

Work it that way until it's been paying you enough to payrepparttar 117328 bills for at least a couple of months if not longer before you even think of getting rid of that real job.

Make sure you take care of family first... They arerepparttar 117329 most important part of your Life. Make surerepparttar 117330 Bills are being paid second, that will help keep your family happy. Then work your program and start to build it.

If you take care of what is important Now, and work your program or business after that is done, you will have success and a better life downrepparttar 117331 road. Don't be a Dreamer chasing after "Get Rich Quick" schemes. Get Real and take care of yourself and your family first. Then chase your Dreams and build them on solid ground.

Family First, if you take care of them, they will be more likely to stand behind you in your quest. Don't Loose what you have trying to earn what you wish you had.

Written by John Olson Owner and Webmaster http://shop-money-time.com http://tgif-marketing.com (c) Copyright, 2003 Reprint rights available with this Signature only.

Why You Must Build A Customer List To Prosper

Written by David Coyne

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You should be keeping in touch with them at least monthly. Even if it’s just an email asking how they are enjoying your product or service.

Ask them if they were pleased withrepparttar customer service they received from you or how can you serve them better.

One ofrepparttar 117324 most effective ways to keep in contact with your customers is to send them a newsletter. With email, it’s easy to create your own electronic newsletter or ezine. (For info on how to start an ezine, visit http://www.epdigest.com)

But make sure your ezine is more than just a sales pitch. People will tire of that quickly.

Instead, offer tips on how to best use your products, include new product information, offer discounts on upgrades, or create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) column.

Your goal is not to be just a company that sells products, your goal is to be repparttar 117325 solution provider to your customers’ problems.

If you’re stumped about what content to include in your newsletter, send out an email to your customers asking what they’d like to read.

TIP: You’ll get a much better response if you offer an incentive for them to reply. Offer a free e-book or discount on your other products.

If you’re just starting your business, you don’t need to purchase an expensive database to store your customer list. Many email programs have versatile address book features where you can store and update your list.

Microsoft Works includes both a database and spreadsheet program that are easy to use and won’t blow your budget.

David Coyne is a marketing consultant and online entrepreneur. Learn how information marketing can double your sales. FREE Report at http://www.dc-infobiz.com

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