When to Plant Vegetables

Written by Chip Phelan

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Many vegetable plants that are planted inrepparttar spring can be planted again towardsrepparttar 134956 end ofrepparttar 134957 season. Again it is important to know what date you can expectrepparttar 134958 first frost.

By understandingrepparttar 134959 times and length of frost free weather in your area you can have a better chance for success in your vegetable garden.

The National Climatic Data Center has a data sheet online that can be downloaded as a pdf file or viewed online. The data sheet contains frost/freeze information for over 3000 U.S. locations. The information is presented as a table, listed in alphabetical order by state and then selected towns within each state.

Be aware that this information is based on 29 years of data gathering from 1951 to 1980, and that they are statistical in nature and cannot unequivocally predict exact dates for any given locality in any given year.

Biodynamics and Phenology use astrological and natural occurrences to discern clues aboutrepparttar 134960 best time to plant and harvest vegetables. Native Americans and other earlier civilizations used similar techniques.

Most areas consist of microclimates that vary by elevation, exposure and proximity to large bodies of water. The Freeze/Frost Tables are a good reference point, but it makes sense to keep track of temperature and other factors in your particular vegetable garden location if you want to truly understand when it is actuallyrepparttar 134961 best time to plant vegetables.

To View or download The Frost Freeze tables; click onrepparttar 134962 link below. http://lwf.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/documentlibrary/freezefrost/freezefrost.pdf

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Wheelbarrow Buyers Guide

Written by David Howlett

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Builders Construction Wheelbarrow

The traditional builders wheelbarrow has beenrepparttar standard wheelbarrow for builders inrepparttar 134931 UK for many years. Made from mild steel with a simple tube tyre it is an effective if utilitarian tool forrepparttar 134932 job.

The problem is much ofrepparttar 134933 time these barrows are used to move concrete or mortar around a building site. All these contain cement which is a highly corrosive alkaline against steel. Meaning after only a year or sorepparttar 134934 wheelbarrow will end in a very sorry state indeed.

Many builders accept this and so only spend as little as possible on a wheelbarrow and then throw it away in a few months or a year whenrepparttar 134935 jobs finished. But some such as landscape gardeners, DIY enthusiasts or stonemasons might want a quality wheelbarrow that will last a number of years.

There are quality wheelbarrows available to cater for this need. One of these isrepparttar 134936 Jeep Wrangler 6.

The Wrangler 6 representsrepparttar 134937 very top end ofrepparttar 134938 quality-building wheelbarrow. Allrepparttar 134939 metal is powder coated and then baked in an oven to give maximum protection against corrosion. Besidesrepparttar 134940 guaranteed flat-free tyre and easy lift handles it has other innovative features such as wheel bearings designed for very long life and a leak-proof metal tub (very useful when mixing mortar or cement in repparttar 134941 barrow).

Dual Wheeled Wheelbarrows and Carts

Inrepparttar 134942 strictest sense ofrepparttar 134943 word these are not really wheelbarrows at all as they have two wheels. But they are a very important and specialist type of wheelbarrow that can cater forrepparttar 134944 need of their users.

These barrows are particularly useful when greater stability is required or ifrepparttar 134945 barrow is carrying very heavy loads.

An example of a dual wheelbarrow isrepparttar 134946 Jeep Monster. This has an enormous 8 cubic foot capacity tub and will happily carry any load but it is also stable and self-balancing when being pushed.

Speciality Wheelbarrows £15 - £550

There was a time when a wheelbarrow simply had a wheel, a tub and some handlebars all joined together so you could push it along. No so these days. The wheelbarrow has evolved and now there is probably a barrow to suit every occasion and need.

Typical of these isrepparttar 134947 recent phenomenon ofrepparttar 134948 folding wheelbarrow. These tend to be very light but strong and can often carry up to 40kg. Their real benefit is they need little storage space as they can easily be stowed away or hung onrepparttar 134949 wall. They normally cost from £15 - £40.

Just released by Stadium isrepparttar 134950 Rhino Runnarepparttar 134951 so called “Flexi Tub Wheelbarrow”. This has been designed to takerepparttar 134952 flexible plastic or rubber tubs that are now commonly used by horse owners, builders and gardeners to move things around. Easy to use but also should save onrepparttar 134953 back. Currently online excusive at Gardenmania.

Atrepparttar 134954 other end ofrepparttar 134955 scale isrepparttar 134956 motorised wheelbarrow. This is usually powered by an electric motor and although you’ll still need to liftrepparttar 134957 handlebarsrepparttar 134958 motor will takerepparttar 134959 effort out of pushing it.

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