When to Have a Baby Shower

Written by Randy Wilson

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In this caserepparttar expectant couple (she andrepparttar 149638 daddy) can play and dream with allrepparttar 149639 gifts while awaiting their dream baby. Forrepparttar 149640 second and subsequent babies, baby showers (also called sprinkles) can be held before or afterrepparttar 149641 baby is born. The upside of holdingrepparttar 149642 baby shower afterrepparttar 149643 baby's birth is that gifts can be chosen byrepparttar 149644 sex ofrepparttar 149645 baby and mother is more relaxed.

As perrepparttar 149646 old tradition, a baby shower is only held forrepparttar 149647 first baby. However,repparttar 149648 modern view is that baby showers can be held for successive babies as well. Frankly speaking, it is a matter of personal preference and we have seen baby showers for 4th or 5th babies.

However, it is considered to be a good idea ifrepparttar 149649 hostess can confirm and discuss withrepparttar 149650 guest of honor and potential guests how they feel about holding a second or third. If a majority ofrepparttar 149651 people agree, you have allrepparttar 149652 reasons you need to go ahead withrepparttar 149653 shower.

Generally gifts forrepparttar 149654 subsequent baby showers are being targeted to more useful everyday items. Those thatrepparttar 149655 baby may need and most ofrepparttar 149656 time they are less expensive than forrepparttar 149657 first baby. However, nothing can stop you if you wish to give more expensive gifts on any subsequent showers.

My personal viewpoint is that a baby shower should be held for every baby. Moreover, showers are not just gift giving and taking rituals, but something more than that. They are given to bless and congratulaterepparttar 149658 mom-to-be and her family. But that is just my personal opinion, so go with what you have planned either way.

Baby showers are a time tested noble celebration. A social event and a good excuse for friends and family to get together and to celebraterepparttar 149659 birth of a baby.

Moreover, in recent times pregnancies and deliveries have become quite an expensive affair. So this could helprepparttar 149660 parents financially as well.

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Identity Theft – Impacting Your Taxes?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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False Tax Filings

It doesn’t take much to file a tax return. What’s to stop an identity thief from filing one under your name to generate a refund? Nothing. To generaterepparttar maximum refund, you can be all kinds of frivolous deductions will be claimed. After all, it will be you that has to attendrepparttar 149637 audit.

What Can I Do?

If you receive a notice fromrepparttar 149638 IRS that leads you to believe someone may have used your Social Security Number fraudulently, you should notifyrepparttar 149639 IRS immediately. Indicators can be found in notices fromrepparttar 149640 IRS that state:

1. More than one tax return for you was filed, or

2. IRS records indicate you received wages from an employer unknown to you.

Don’t hesitate or be nervous about contactingrepparttar 149641 IRS. The agency knows this is a growing problem and not an “opportunity” to pound on taxpayers.

Richard Chapo is with Business Tax Recovery - Obtaining tax refunds for small businesses for overpaid taxes. Go to our article section to discover tax strategies and deductions.

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