When the Clock Strikes Twelve!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

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Now that they know you always keep your words, they'll keep in mind not to letrepparttar next opportunity slip away. Next time they won't wait for another second to buy from you!

What I have for you here is a groundbreaking idea for your deadline marketing...

Instead of saying,

"If you don't delay and order now, you'll get 50% off. The original price is $100, but order now and you pay only $50. Order before midnight and you'll get this special price. Remember if you order after midnight, expect to pay $100!"


"Take an unfair advantage of our online marketing test. For 7 days only, our company decides to slash 50% offrepparttar 125024 original price in order to see whether pricing affects sales. In our doing so, you arerepparttar 125025 one who gains! During our marketing test, don't pay us $100. Keep $50 to yourself now!"

Seerepparttar 125026 difference? Feelrepparttar 125027 impact?

If you decide to userepparttar 125028 deadline marketing, don't forget to make it right and makerepparttar 125029 most out of it.

Apart from writing a HARD-TO-SAY-NO deadline, here isrepparttar 125030 "one-of-a-kind" tool to accelerate your prospects' buying decision....

Go get yourself a dynamic countdown javascript and put it on your site...


It's FREE! And it works like miracle. Believe it or not? People tend to feelrepparttar 125031 rush to act when they seerepparttar 125032 clock ticking!

P.S. Be different. You can still offerrepparttar 125033 deadlines, but make sure you take a different approach!

The author, Jaruda Boonsuwan, is offering one-of-its-kind e-course -- at NO charge. She reveals NUMBER ONE deadly-effective secrets to creating killer sales copies at http://www.groundbreakcopywriting.com

The New 5 P's!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

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But don't just say "one-year, money-back guarantee"!

Do say..."And if 365 days from now, you decide you want your money back, I'll ask you absolutely no questions. And even if it's just because you're $27 short and can't buy some beers, I still won't ask you why. You'll get your money back as soon as you say so. I can guarantee you that!"


When you go to a restaurant,repparttar first thing you always notice isrepparttar 125023 "Menu ofrepparttar 125024 Day"! Even if you don't order it, you're still curious to see what's new for today, right?

The same thing works with your website. Once your prospects leave your site -- without signing up for your free newsletter, your business depends on pure LUCK.

Too bad people don't buyrepparttar 125025 first time they see you. And if you still want to win them back, you might have to spend some more bucks on advertising.

Now, it doesn't have to be this way...The only one reason that'll keep people coming back to your site is something NEW every day!

Showcaserepparttar 125026 "Pick ofrepparttar 125027 Day". And they'll come back to your site from time to time to see what's new.

See? You don't even have to pay forrepparttar 125028 traffic. It can be "Tip ofrepparttar 125029 Day", "Site ofrepparttar 125030 Week", "Star ofrepparttar 125031 Month", ....anything you can think of!


How many times have you read newsletters chock full ofrepparttar 125032 word "buy now"?

This isrepparttar 125033 mistake that can drive your subscribers away faster than jet speed! Your prospects want to read something useful. They simply don't want another junk mail. If you don't stop selling to them --just for a second-- you'll risk losing them forever. They'll disappear "out of your sight".

So, in your newsletter, try to give them little tips that teach them how to make their lives easier.

Suppose you're selling a beauty product, instead of hard selling, try giving them a short makeup tip of how to make their lips look fuller.

If you're an affiliate for a used car website and running your own ezine, instead of selling cars allrepparttar 125034 time, try giving them a reliable tip that teaches them how not to get ripped off buying a used car.

P.S. Give it a try. I'm sure these freshest 5 P's can easily addrepparttar 125035 punch to your websites or newsletters next time you decide to try something new.

The author, Jaruda Boonsuwan, is offering one-of-its-kind e-course -- at NO charge. She reveals NUMBER ONE deadly-effective secrets to creating killer sales copies at http://www.groundbreakcopywriting.com

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