When optimising your site to reach customers more effectively, why not improve on what professional search engine specialists do?

Written by Angelique van Engelen

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There are two good ways you can check how accessible your website is. Simply downloadrepparttar Lynx browser to see if you can successfully access all your pages and downloadrepparttar 105918 Opera browser and follow their instructions to enhanced accessibility. Good SEOs focus on a few standard setting organisations’ guidelines, which are complex systems of rules on unifying coding. What SEOs make sure of is that users from other languages and cultures, and users of differing age groups are not excluded from your site because of some silly technical hiccups. Where an SEO says he’s making allrepparttar 105919 difference for his clients is that he has numerous checklists to make sure your business in whatever location or segment it is, is optimised. He likely will market his services saying that he will make your site more localised than your competition.

There is a lot of scepticism onrepparttar 105920 strategies in use here and it remains to be seen whether better accessible local business site optimisation will actually translate into tangible higher Return on Investment numbers. Local search appears to be performing well for national advertisers seeking to segment markets. The local dry cleaner however doesn't have (or probably need) a Web site sorepparttar 105921 lead is not accurately tracked, andrepparttar 105922 value remains doubtful. Don’t buy into it until you see results from comparable segments torepparttar 105923 one you are in!

All lists SEO’s use to make sure your site is technically kosher are likely variations in one form or another ofrepparttar 105924 lengthy, prioritised in-depth checkpoints published byrepparttar 105925 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding ofrepparttar 105926 web. It can be found here: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/. It is not deemed 100% fool proof, but it’s said to be Google-proof. The checklist consists of general, common-sense priorities that designers and programmers must take heed of. The bulk ofrepparttar 105927 checkpoints are likely issues you’ve comply with for years already, but it’s always good to see if there’s anything new. It could give you that edge overrepparttar 105928 competition you need!

Search engines increasingly take their lead from Google and use hyper linked text for relevancy so checking that your links make sense allrepparttar 105929 time is not a luxury but incremental for your business. Some SEOs will run software that check that if a hyperlink is removed fromrepparttar 105930 text –something that easily happens in forms- and determine whether it still makes sense inrepparttar 105931 general context of your site. An SEO would replace a simple hyperlinked word like ‘more’, with a more descriptive term such as ‘more news and events’, or similar. You getrepparttar 105932 idea here.

Source code in general is also quite important. Again, w3 setsrepparttar 105933 standard and you can run your site through their validator tool (http://validator.w3.org/) to get it analysed to see if search engine spiders/robots have any problems splitting your content/page into sections before indexing it – e.g. header, metadata tags, headings, normal text, etc. Ifrepparttar 105934 spider has difficulty in calculatingrepparttar 105935 structure of your code, some ofrepparttar 105936 text could be misclassified or omitted. Find out and optimise!

Angelique van Engelen runs www.contentClix.com, an Amsterdam based freelance copywriting agency. She has lived and worked in the Middle East and London for over six years before returning to her home country, the Netherlands. Aside from web content, she specialises in writing sales copy, feature articles and research reports.

3 Ways To Get More Website Traffic That Buys...

Written by Munya Chinongoza

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You can do a search, for your particular niche and see which websites are inrepparttar top 10, contactrepparttar 105917 website owners.

For more information on how to joint venture, click here:


3) Your Opt In List

I have purposely left this forrepparttar 105918 number 3 spot. This is because it completely relies onrepparttar 105919 success ofrepparttar 105920 other two ways I have already mentioned above.

An opt-in list isrepparttar 105921 most valuable asset any internet business can own.

Your website should allow for your visitors to opt-in to your list. This allows you to follow up with your visitors, build your credibility and ultimately convince them to buy from


It is very important to build a strong relationship with your list and build your credibility. Email valuable information, free stuff, special offers etc. Every email you send should be written as if you are writing to one person, your friend.

As a result, your opt-in list will almost always bring you more website traffic that buys your products or services.

More information on how to build a responsive opt-in list:


These are just some ofrepparttar 105922 strategies that were revealed by top internet marketers when I interviewd them. I have in turn taken their strategies, tried and tested them out for myself and this article is my report on my personal findings.

Munya Chinongoza is the author of "Guru Traffic Secrets Vol.1" in

which He recently interviewed 14 top internet marketers "gurus" and asked them to reveal how they drive unlimited targeted traffic to their websites everyday, usually with little or no effort at all on their part:


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