When is a Lily Not a Lily?

Written by Bev Boorer

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Many ofrepparttar modern daylilies have been developed inrepparttar 150144 USA and so will be found in specialist nurseries. The cost can be rather high, due torepparttar 150145 thousands of plants that must be grown each year to produce genuine advances. But it will be a worthwhile investment in your garden for such a hardy and long-flowering plant is surely hard to beat. They arerepparttar 150146 perfect low-maintenance plant. Get free plants! Hydrangeas will be shooting soon and they are one ofrepparttar 150147 easiest plants to propagate. The hibiscus also grows easily from cuttings. I pop pieces into any spare pot plant and they seem to grow roots with no trouble. Fuchsia cuttings can also be taken in spring, but will do even better inrepparttar 150148 autumn. Softwood tip cuttings can be taken whilerepparttar 150149 plant is growing well andrepparttar 150150 easiest way of making a mini-greenhouse to help roots develop is to simply cut a soft-drink bottle in half. Poke a hole inrepparttar 150151 bottom with your garden fork, fill it with potting mix and push in two or three cuttings, then poprepparttar 150152 top half back overrepparttar 150153 bottom half. If you find it hard to slip on, make a vertical cut of about 2cm inrepparttar 150154 bottom half. This will give a little bit of extra space. You can also use a clear plastic bag forrepparttar 150155 top if you prop it up with some twigs. An elastic band will preventrepparttar 150156 wind from blowing it off. Friends love it when you bring them a gift from your own garden. Until next time, happy gardening!

Bev Boorer has had two children's books and four short stories published, as well as several craft articles. She has studied with the Australian School of Journalism and the School of Writing, Queensland, Australia. She works as a volunteer editor for www.Greypath.com and contributes gardening articles to their online ezine,Dinkum. She has also written an ebook 'EasyGardening'available at http//www.gardeningebook.beststuffhere.com

Introduction to Aquaponics

Written by Kirk Gordon

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In hydroponics and aeroponics applications,repparttar nutrient solution needs to be prepared – measured, mixed, and then added torepparttar 150041 reservoir. In aquaponics, there’s no mixing fertilizer involved, making it a great way for beginners to cultivate plants. Onlyrepparttar 150042 fish needs to be fed.

The number of commercial applications utilizing aeroponics is still very limited. A number of universities globally are currently exploringrepparttar 150043 science of aquaponics to advance this extreme cultivation technique. Aquaponics is currently being used in areas whererepparttar 150044 fish population is declining and/or their food supply must be imported.

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