When "inexpensive" isn't cheap enough.

Written by Bob King

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This isrepparttar important part. It's a scalable solution. I can stick my toe intorepparttar 131738 water at no cost but some time and effort. I can be experimental. I can try new things. I can risk total failure with no risk to anything but my pride. But should my ideas prove to be popular - I can then smoothly upgrade to a professional grade service without losing any of my work!

Atrepparttar 131739 time of this writing, I'm using their blog solution [ http://graphictruth.bravenet.com ] as a backup system. My main site is down for server upgrades and being down is death. I'm awfully glad I was able to simply and easily set up a replacement blog where I could continue to write.

I've learned that it's best to have more than one string to my bow. And I'll tell you, I'm impressed enough with this blog engine that I will likely continue using it. It won't replace Graphictruth - but it will become a place I use regularly to speak of things that don't fit my flagship site. I'll continue to use their classifieds as well. Why? It's automated. It's administration is simpler than any solution I've found - and I can use ONE classified solution for any of my sites. I'm going to continue using their photo manager as well. Why? Because it allows me to remote-load; even gives me a url to copy and paste. It makes adding a photo to ANY blog painless and effortless. Ifrepparttar 131740 photo is already uploaded, I don't even have to be at my home computer!

And that'srepparttar 131741 real secret. It's fun to be an IT geek, it really is. But if there is a choice between creatingrepparttar 131742 platform and having content to put ONrepparttar 131743 platform, content HAS to win! Tools like those found at Bravenet allow you to expandrepparttar 131744 sorts of content, enrich your existing content and manage your site easily. Even from a web phone.

Send one of my eCards and see if this service might not just be your little viral marketing secret!

[ http://pub10.bravenet.com/postcard/post.php?usernum=821317112 ]

Or add a free classified here:

[ http://pub10.bravenet.com/classified/show.php?usernum=821317112 ]

Keep it clean, folks. No hate, no R or X, no obscene language.

Bob King is an author, writer, webmaster, poet and artist, not always in that order. He can be found at graphictruth.com most every day.

Search Engine Optimization 101- How to Educate Your Costumer

Written by Julio Ferreira

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Would you start building a house byrepparttar roof? Or even worst, would you consider just building a house with no project whatsoever, just a picture of what it would look like? Of course not! But that is exactly what most designers are doing. They build beautiful sites, which atrepparttar 131736 end are totally dysfunctional, navigation is terrible and, worst of all, NOT spider-friendly at all. It’s like having a house which is gorgeous onrepparttar 131737 outside, but when you go inside, there are no halls connectingrepparttar 131738 rooms, some halls take to nowhere,repparttar 131739 toilet is inrepparttar 131740 kitchen,repparttar 131741 shower inrepparttar 131742 living room, bedrooms have no doors, andrepparttar 131743 furniture is made out of papier-mâché. Yes, this is exactly how some websites look to us. The big secret in SEO is having a good architectural project, which will give you a plan of howrepparttar 131744 structure ofrepparttar 131745 website will be like, and then a nicely done layout can be fitted beautifully on it. That will help, not onlyrepparttar 131746 spiders to crawlrepparttar 131747 site, but certainly will make it more pleasurable for your prospect clients to navigate throughrepparttar 131748 site maximizingrepparttar 131749 experience. Givingrepparttar 131750 client a more enjoyable experience means he/she will navigate for a longer time in your website, getting to know more about your product, building more confidence with your company, thus increasingrepparttar 131751 potential of sale.

Julio Ferreira is the CEO of Metanoia Marketing Group, with offices in Dallas, Sao Paulo (Brazil), and now oppening in San Diego. 817.944.1020

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