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Written by Joe Williamsburg

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Do you need a straight back, two, three or infinite position lift chair? Straight back lift chairs do not recline. Because they are lighter and more portable, straight back lift chairs are better suited forrepparttar dinner table, living room, office or any room where assistance is needed. 2-position lift chairs have 2 recline positions: straight, and "TV recline", which is leaned slightly back for reading, relaxing or watching television. 3-position lift chairs have 3 recline positions: straight, TV recline and "full recline". Infinite position lift chairs have independently operated back and leg movement for an infinite number of recline positions from straight up to "sleep recline", which is allrepparttar 147276 way flat like a bed.

Do you require heat and massage from your lift chair? Some lift chairs come with a heat & massage option which operates onrepparttar 147277 lower back only. Deluxe heat & massage is also available on some lift chairs, which heats and massagesrepparttar 147278 lower back, seat and legs.

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The Truth About Red Wine and Heart Disease?

Written by Nicholas Webb

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Another study, statistical rather than practical, by a Professor Grey ofrepparttar University of Bern in Switzerland focused onrepparttar 147234 low, medium and high coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality figures ofrepparttar 147235 World Health Organization.

What did he find? Well from amongrepparttar 147236 high mortality areas were Finland and Scotland,repparttar 147237 middle areas included Ireland, andrepparttar 147238 low CHD areas included Spain, Italy and France. He then compared heart attack rates with antioxidant levels in blood samples taken from men living in those areas.

What he found was very interesting,repparttar 147239 results showed that high antioxidant levels, in particular vitamin E, coincided with low death rates of heart disease. Moreover, his results showed that vitamin E levels were 94% more accurate in predicting CHD rates than were cholesterol levels or blood pressure figures! Apart from diet,repparttar 147240 high CHD regions drink very little, if any wine, whereasrepparttar 147241 low regions traditionally accompany their meals most days with wine.

It certainly seems strange that two much studied cities; Glasgow in Scotland and Toulouse in France show many similarities and yet many differences. The inhabitants of both cities eat tremendous amounts of high fat foods, traditionally take little exercise and drink alcohol. The surprising difference is that whilerepparttar 147242 people of Glasgow have one ofrepparttar 147243 highest rates of CHD inrepparttar 147244 world,repparttar 147245 fortunate people of Toulouse have one ofrepparttar 147246 lowest. Traditionally beer and spirits arerepparttar 147247 preferred drinks in Glasgow, whilerepparttar 147248 folks in Toulouse drink red wine.

It has also been suggested that drinking in moderation together with meals is beneficial, while binge drinking at bars inrepparttar 147249 evening is harmful. It seemsrepparttar 147250 southern Europeans don’t drink forrepparttar 147251 alcohol buzz, but just as a pleasant accompaniment to their meals.

At firstrepparttar 147252 large heart institutions such asrepparttar 147253 American College of Cardiology andrepparttar 147254 American Heart Association ignored both antioxidants and frowned upon wine. While it is clear that it could be potentially dangerous for a physician to recommend his patients start drinking alcohol, it is also strange that they pretended for so many years to ignorerepparttar 147255 evidence. Well, now even if they don’t promoterepparttar 147256 taking of vitamin pills; antioxidants and free radicals are now recognized.

However, according torepparttar 147257 AHA “There is no scientific proof that drinking wine or any other alcoholic beverage can replace conventional measures ... No direct comparison trials have been done to determinerepparttar 147258 specific effect of wine or other alcohol onrepparttar 147259 risk of developing heart disease or stroke.” Just ask yourself who would pay for such studies. Clinical Trials haverepparttar 147260 purpose of showing one thing to be better than another, or whether a certain substance is beneficial to health. The costs of clinical trials is so high that onlyrepparttar 147261 pharmaceutical industry haverepparttar 147262 financial clout to invest in them – invest isrepparttar 147263 correct word. What a surprise.

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