When and When Not To Use an Auto Responder

Written by Joe Bingham

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No rules are perfect, so we should all learn to put what we read into perspective when considering our own businesses. So, even if you're product is expensive or complicated to understand, if that's better 'shown' at a web site than 'told' in an email, send people directly to your site.

As well, you can use email information courses to keep referring people back to your site for just one simple product.

Ways To Compliment A Site With an Auto Responder

I've had quite a few hits on an auto responder I placed on my site. I simply ask, "In a hurry? Want more information by email?" and provide a link. That way, even though everything is right there on my site, if they are intrigued but don't want to spend much time right then, there is a way they can get more information later, and I still get to keep in contact with them.

Also, you can offer different information courses through auto responders and put them on your site. This way, even if people don't buy from their initial visit, you'll get repeat contact and get multiple chances to convince them to return.

Auto responders are extremely useful. There's no replacing them. It's just a matter of considering your product or opportunity, and your options when deciding how best to use them.

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"5 Powerful Free List-Building Tactics!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

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4. Take advantage ofrepparttar free list-building services. There's a ton of these programs floating aroundrepparttar 109641 'Net right now, and most work on a simple multi-level referral system. Not only do these generate more subscribers, but they also help to save you money!

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5. Harnessrepparttar 109643 power of referrals. This is a powerful strategy that should not be overlooked. Referrals are a very receptive bunch, mostly because they have already developed a small level of trust fromrepparttar 109644 third parties recommendation.

You may want to try offering a free eBook or free report to people who refer new customers/subscribers to your website. This can be easily accomplished withrepparttar 109645 free automated traffic generator/referral service found at: http://letemknow.com

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