When Worlds Collide

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Another important tip for keeping your two worlds separate is to have separate business telephone, modem and fax lines. Do NOT allow your children to answer your business phone. You may think it's adorable but trust me, it isn't. It's annoying. Arrange for a voicemail service to take your business calls during your non-business hours. Similarly, when you're working, try to ensure your children are otherwise occupied when you make business calls. The last thing you need when trying to convince that prospective new client that you should win his account is a screaming five year old right next to you.

If you have very young children, hire a sitter forrepparttar times ofrepparttar 117585 day or week when you know you'll be conducting business onrepparttar 117586 telephone. If you have older children, deputize one or more of them to occupy younger siblings. You might want to pay your 'deputy' for this service as a way for him or her to earn some income or pocket money. The money you spend on sitting services will be more than offset byrepparttar 117587 new business you'll win as a result ofrepparttar 117588 professional image you will be able to project to prospective and existing clients and customers.

As important as it is to choose for your business something you love to do, don't allow your business to take you away from your family. After all, your family was likely one of repparttar 117589 primary reasons you decided to work from home inrepparttar 117590 first place.

It is one thing to be present physically. It is quite another to be present mentally and emotionally. The more rounded you are as a person,repparttar 117591 more you bring torepparttar 117592 table both personally and professionally. The enjoyable activities you engage in in your non-business hours can energize your business life. So, instead of thinking aboutrepparttar 117593 work you could be doing on Sunday when you're atrepparttar 117594 beach, think ofrepparttar 117595 fun you have on that day as an investment in your business forrepparttar 117596 coming week.

Give 100% of yourself to work duringrepparttar 117597 time allocated to work. Then shutrepparttar 117598 door on it. Your family deserves 100% too.


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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117601 work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com

Get More Clients Now!

Written by Kimberly Stevens

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Once you know how you want to position your company inrepparttar marketplace and you have updated all of your materials,repparttar 117584 only thing left to do is present yourself torepparttar 117585 people who want what you have to sell. This may be a very different group of people thanrepparttar 117586 ones you've spentrepparttar 117587 last year with. Many of us cut our marketing teeth atrepparttar 117588 local chamber of commerce, but they can be full of small, one-person businesses that may not haverepparttar 117589 need forrepparttar 117590 services you want to provide.

The best thing to do is to identify what types of companies are going to be attracted to what you are providing. Are they of a certain size, a certain geographic location, a certain industry? Once you've identifiedrepparttar 117591 parameters, it's time to determine how you are going to reach them. What associations do they belong to? Can you write articles for that association's newsletter? What networking groups do they attend? Can you join? Do they usually find their vendors from advertisements, referrals, or direct mail? Who else already provides services to them that could potentially provide you an opening intorepparttar 117592 companies in exchange for a finder's fee or reciprocity (these are called Centers of Influence)? Develop contacts with marketing companies who could potentially bring you in as a subcontractor for their clients' marketing campaigns. Although, they will generally take a cut or mark up your services, perhaps, you'd enjoy focusing on building these relationships so inrepparttar 117593 future you could focus just onrepparttar 117594 graphic design aspect of your business, notrepparttar 117595 client-building part.

This may seem like you are starting from ground zero as you pull away from those groups that you've been networking with duringrepparttar 117596 past year and begin again as a new member in new groups, but soon you will be reapingrepparttar 117597 rewards of a thriving business working with people you like and doing what you want to do. What could be better?

Once you've established yourself in these new communities, you can't continue to spend half of your week trolling for new clients or you'll cap your income in relatively short order. Your next line of attack should be meeting some Centers of Influence. Read more about how to do this at: http://www.askthebizcoach.com/ezines/061802gettingclients.htm

Download a free copy of *50 Ways to Win New Clients* at: http://www.askthebizcoach.com/freebies.htm

Kimberly Stevens is a Business Coach who works with entrepreneurs to create profitable & results-oriented businesses. She developed the FastTrack MBO (Mastering Business Ownership) Program as a series of ebooks and teleseminars to help business owners slash their learning curve in half while doubling their rate of success. Experience the MBO Program for free by visiting http://www.askthebizcoach.com/fasttrackmbo.htm

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